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Move CASO role to a managed server

Created: 21 Sep 2012 | 6 comments
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I have a Backup Exec 2012 CASO server, and one Backup Exec 2012 managed server at different locations.

At the moment all jobs are configured in the CASO server and is set to run on the managed server using storage local to the managed server.

But we now need to remove the CASO server due to other issues and we would like to transfer all jobs, settings and the CASO role to the managed server.

Is this possible? And how should this be performed? Is there a step-by step instruction on how to do this?




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Hi Andreas,


You're looking at following the TN below in order to move your CASO to another server:

Whatever you do, always grab copies of your Data/Catalogs folders before doing anything.. This allows a rollback if something goes wrong.


Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support:

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Thanks for your info.

I´m not sure thought if the technotes explain how to move jobs, settings, trust and everything else to a managed server and then how to convert the managed server to a CASO, or am I missing something?

The tech note with the Best Practises, in the first link, have a note with a command to copy jobs to another server. Is that something I can use to copy from a CASO to a managed? Or what are the prerequisites?

The other technote describes how to move the CASO to a brand new server that doesn´t have BE2012 installed and is already running as a managed server.

I need more specific help on this. Isn't there an easier way to switch roles between a CASO and a managed server?



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The easiest way to switch roles is to break the CASO-MMS setup, i.e. convert the media servers into stand-alone servers & rebuild the setup..However, this would just move the roles (as you can specify during the rebuild which media server is to be the CASO) & not copy any settings over from the old CASO to the new CASO..

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Thanks for the info on how to switch the roles!

Is there a way to copy the jobs and necessary setting to the new CASO server? Before or after the switching of the roles?

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That TN will explain everything you need to know, including what to do if you change the CASO server's name (#15). It is a very thorough document on what you need to do.

Since everything is contained within the BEDB which is moved to the new server, everything would be migrated across.


Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support: