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move definition file to SEPM or a another Liveupdate administrator

Created: 29 Feb 2008 • Updated: 22 May 2010 | 5 comments
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There is a liveupdate administrator 2.1 on a server.This server has a schedule to download definitions(firewall,virus,etc). There is no internet connection for SEPM. so i want to update the SEPM by moving definitions file from liveupdate server so that all client computers can get updates from SEPM (there is no internet connections for all clients also) if this is not possible i want or know that is there a way to move definition files downloaded by a live update server(liveupdate administrator 2.1 ) to another liveupdate server (liveupdate administrator 2.1) ??
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Any idea?
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You can set the new live update server to download its updates from your old live update server.  
After its downloaded you can remove the old one, and configure it to download it from the internet, or from another server if you dont have Internet access.  
As far as i knwo you cant get live update to download it from SEPM, but you can get SEPM to download the updates from live update. 
Also.  Out of experience, i find live update to be more reliable than SEPM downloads.  Dont know why. 

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SEPM can be configured to retrieve it's updates from LiveUpdate using several protocols FTP, HTTP, UNC etc.
As long as you configure SEPM to look in the appropriate location, making the updates available at that location can be accomplished in several ways. LiveUpdate Administrator (LUA) can directly download the updates you want and then distribute them to the distribution center location (LiveUpdate server) that SEPM will point to. Also, the contents of a distribution center location can be copied to an alternative location and SEPM can be reconfigured to point to that location
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I have a similar problem.  I am creating a LiveUpdate Administrator (LUA) server to download updates for several Symantec products.  This server has access to the internet.  I need to move all the updates to a LUA server which is on an isolated network and cannot be connected to the internet or the external LUA server.  Is it possible to export the updates and the content of the Postgresql database to a file or directory?   I want to put the exported data on a USB drive and move it into my isolated network and then import the data into the isolated LUA server so it is a "mirror" of the external LUA server.  I have several isolated networks which I need to keep updated.

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There is no supported way to do the backup and restore in the current release of LUA. What you could try out is the following:


1. Install LUA in the system of your isolated network.

2. While installing, make sure of the following:

    a. Should be of the same version as the LUA from where you are going to import

    b. Should be installed in the same path as the other LUA

    c. Select the "Updates folder" path the same as the other LUA

    d. The admin user and password should be the same as the other LUA

3. Once installed, stop the LUA services (tomcat and postgresql) from the service control panel of the newly installed LUA

4. Backup the DB (the <lua_install_path>\pgsql\data needs to be backed up)of the newly installed LUA

5. Copy the data directory from the older LUA into the new system at the same path

6. Restart the LUA services of the new LUA. Start the postgresql service first and then the tomcat ser vice

7. Check if you are able to log on to the new LUA now. 


Let us know how it goes.