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Move the EV 8 database path in the SQL 2008 server

Created: 08 Jul 2013 • Updated: 11 Jul 2013 | 5 comments
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To prepare the migration on EV8 to EV10, I just migrated the EV8 database from the SQL 2005 to the SQL 2008 base on this documents:

In SQL 2005, all database store in D:\ and log store in E:\. After migrate to SQL 2008, we want to move the database from D:\ to E:\, and the log from E:\ to F:\.

I have some research on symentec but there are different methods to move database path so I am so confuse which method is work for me. Any idea?


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Above technote is to move vault partition and not databases, hence its irrelevant.

Above technote is correct for your scenario, these steps will help you move DB and log file path on same SQL Server.

Above technote details, how to move Fingerprint DB from one SQL to another. I believe you have already moved this database from SQL 2005 to 2008, hence you can also follow this technote to update fingerprint database location if not already done.

I hope this helps..

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Enterprise Vault does not care about the Database Location. You can use SQL Management studio to change the path. Just stop EV, detach the DB, move, attach the DB, start EV. Plenty of docs in google for SQL.


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But the technote: just focus on the 'EVVSGVaultStore1_1_1' database. How about the other database such as 'EnterpriseVaultDirectory' ?

For the Fingerprint database, I use the script to move from SQL 2005 to 2008, but the path didn't change. So how to move this database path?


Hi MichelZ,

Many thanks for your information. It seems it is the easily ways to do so. But any documents from symantec on it? Thanks   

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You can use this document as the mehtod is more of Microsoft than EV.

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Agreed with MichelZ and Advisor, its purely a Microsoft and SQL thing because at the end of the day all EV cares about is can it read/write to those SQL Databases etc

It'd be like asking for a Symantec document on how to move the temp directory or change a page file size