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Move of FSA archive points

Created: 05 Apr 2010 • Updated: 06 Jun 2012 | 6 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.


Im planning to migrate my File server with placeholders .
But when i recreate the same archive point on the new file server and run the FSA archive tasks it will create duplicate archive items when i do a archive explorer search .

anyone can advise me.

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You haven't provided much information about the details of your move.

Have you reviewed this support article?

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basically i would perform a backup and restore to new file server and run the fasutility command .
How about the archive points for the Enterprise Vault server? after i have added in the new file server name.
I test before if i recreate the same archive point on the new file server there will be a duplicate archive file shown on the archive explorer
Please advise

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when perforn a failover all the archive points are missing .
When i create it back from the Admin console , there will have duplicated on the archives > file system .

Can i use a archivepoint.exe \\UNC\Volume|foldershare to keep the existing archive infomation .

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I need to do this very same thing. 
I am migrating to a new file server and need to move all the archive points to the new server.
The new server will have a different name, but will have the same folder structure.

How do I point the existing archive points to the new server?

For example, if I have an archive point and associated vault from \\oldserver\data, how do I make it point to \\newserver\data ?  I want to have all the data from \\newserver\data go into the same archive as \\oldserver\data.

I know I can use the FSAUtility to move placeholders, but I need to know how to do the above.

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Does Symantec even look at these forums?

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Hi BitBucket,

Yes symantec techs do review this forum own their own time but this is primarily a peer to peer driven forum.  If you have an urgent need or don't get an answer you should open a case with support.

In answer to moving archiving points, I believe this technote will answer your query.

there is also this in the Utilities.pdf/chm 

FSAUtility syntax
Type one of the following forms of the command:

To recreate archive points, type the following:

FSAUtility -a -s UNC_path [-l log_level] [-r]

The following command recreates the archive points for the folder \\myserver\users in report mode. In addition, the command reports all the archive points in subfolders of this folder.

FSAUtility -a -s \\myserver\users -r

The following command recreates the archive points for both the folder \\myserver\users and all its subfolders.

FSAUtility -a -s \\myserver\users -l 0