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Move journal task and archive from one EV server to second EV server

Created: 14 Mar 2013 • Updated: 01 Apr 2013 | 4 comments
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What is the mocess of Moving journal task and archive from one EV server to second EV server?

And same for the public folder archiving.

EV 10.0.3

Exchange 2010 DAG (2 server, 2 DB) 2 journal task and 2 journal archive

Many Thanks

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JesusWept3's picture

1. Stop the Journal Task on the old server
2. Create a new journal task on the new Server
3. Point to the same system mailbox on the new server as the old server
4. In the journal target properties, change it from the old task to the new task
5. Start the new task
6. Ensure journaling is taking place
7. Delete the old task

Same for public folders i believe
the issue you're going to have though is that you will create extra network traffic because the new journaling task will push all the messages to the storage server (old server).

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Thanks JW,

We want to move Journal arhcive to new EV server with storage service and vault store as well.

Shall we move the Journal archives first into new EV server before moving the task?

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I would think you could just open a new archive for Journal in the new vault store and move the task over.  Then you can move the journal archives or just leave the in place.

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agreed, you dont want to do a move archive against a journal archive, it'll take forever with little to no benefit (unless you've had it on EV2007 and below for a really long time, then you could probably see some space savings, and if you're now on EV10 and most of the indexes are 32 bit, then this would help you convert to 64 bit indexes as well)