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Move SharePoint task, vault store and indexes

Created: 07 Aug 2012 • Updated: 07 Sep 2012 | 6 comments
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Hi Jim,

I want to move archiving task, vault store (specific to SharePoint archiving) and indexes to a new server.

For vault store and indexes move, I will follow these procedure:

  1. Move vault store and partition to a new server in the same site :
  2. Move index location to a new server in the same site:

I know that "Move archive" feature is not supported for SharePoint archives. So my first question was if there's a way to update shortcuts in SharePoint so that they point to the new server DNS alias.

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Not sure if it does what you want, but try the utility EVSPShortcutManager.

-recall. Use this option to replace shortcuts with the corresponding archived SharePoint documents. Before you use this option, run EVSPShortcutManager with the -convert option to make sure that all HTML shortcuts are replaced with new shortcuts.

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Incase if you are moving the task , vault store and index to a EV serve within the same sire, you dont really need to update the shortcut.

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I already verified the EVSPShortcutManager tool. But recall is not acceptable and convert does do the update of a shortcut (it's only convert old shortcuts).

My previous thread (my last comment has been moved to a new thread... not really useful...)

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Hi Rahul, 

In my customer's infrastructure, we have the SharePoint archiving role on a journaling server.

The reason why I want to move the SharePoint archiving role (task, vault store and indexes) is to reduce risks of a failure on journaling server.

If I move SharePoint archiving role to a new server without updating shortcuts in SP, that SharePoint archiving service will be linked to 2 servers (old one with shortcuts pointing to it and new one owning SP archives data).

If it's not possible to update shortcuts, in my opinion, it doesn't make sense to move SharePoint archiving role to a new server.

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Honestly, the easiest thing to do would be to move journaling to a new server.  You don't need to move anything in that scenario, just create a new Index location, Vault Store and Journal archives on the new server and create new tasks.  The old Journal locations would then be read only until expiry deletes them.

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I agree with Tony. I think that the easiest thing to do would be to move the Journaling. Did you make a call and move something somewheere.. What action did you decide on and can this thread be closed?

I know they are looking to enhance some of the sharepoint stuff in the future. I would not suggest any manual minipulation of the data in either enterprise products DBs unless you want to forfit support for it going forward.

I think the only options you have are to move Journaling, restore (deemed unacceptable) archived content, or work some DNS magic to redirect requests to the desired server.

I hope you worked it out.