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Move a tape drive into a library?

Created: 25 Jun 2013 | 8 comments
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How do I get both tape drives to show under the same system?

This is a Scalar i40, for some reason the second drive didn't show up as licensed, now it shows up outside the library, how do I move it into the library?




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Hope you have added a library expansion option to support both drives. Disable and delet the Tapedrives and the Changer from BE. Restart the BE services, they should show up normally.

If it still doesn't run Tapeinst.exe (Backup Exec program installation folder) and make sure if everything detected properly.

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...there should be a drive configuration wizard that you can run within BE. Simply drag and drop the orhpaned tape drive to the library.


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1) If you have not done so, install a LEO licence to cater for the 2nd tape drive in the library

2) Delete the library and the tape drives from BE
3) Stop the media server and the library
4) Start the tape library
5) Start the media server
6) Ensure that the library and tape drive is recognised and functioning correctly in the Windows Device Manager. The library should appear as an Unknown Medium Changer with a Microsoft driver and the tape drive should have a Symantec driver.
7) In BE, install the library if necessary.  
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Thanks for your comments, I seem to require a license to use both tape drives, I already have a license for Symantec BackUp Exec 2012, is there an expansion pack? do I have to buy another copy of the program and use that independantly?

Not really sure how the whole licensing system works with this, I just want to create a simple backup system and yet I'm stuck buying extra licenses from Quantum and Symanetc and not getting the solution that I need.

I have a 38Tb mounted share that I want to back up and store offsite, I have to create a 40Tb 'library' whereas I just want to take a copy of the 5Tb of data sat on the 4Tb share offsite.

Seems a waste that I'm using so many disks? Do I need an agent for the linux share that is mounted on the windows server that I'm backing up?

Thanks again to everybodies replies

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The core license for Backup Exec 2012 gives you the ability to use the first drive in the library - you need a LEO (Library Expansion Option) license for each additional drive in the same library - Note others have already mentioned this in the thread,

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That's what I can't believe, that the software requires a license for the other tape drive at the same cost as the initial software.

What other costs are incurred? Is there a yearly renewal for these? Do I have to pay for the amount of tapes I use? I don't want it to do anything technically impossible but I imagined buying a tape unit and software I'd be able to back-up one simple share on the local machine would be possible and quicker still with 2 drives?

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 and quicker still with 2 drives?

This is not necessarily true.  There may be contention for other resources which will slow down the jobs.  In the extreme case, running two jobs simultaneously may result in more time than running the jobs consecutively.

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If it makes you feel any better (and not being sarcastic here), but other vendor software has similar products. Some require that the autoloader and drive be licensed immediately...there is no free option for the first drive like Symantec.

There is a yearly renewal which is around maintenance...don't renew, and you can't log official calls, or would have to pay for them.

It is a hardware-type of could use a trillion tapes and it doesn't matter.


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