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Move user to new Policy that has different Retention Category

Created: 07 Aug 2009 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 2 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

From the help topics I know that If you modify a retention category, "the changes are retrospective" for existing archived items.
But what if you move the user to a differnt policy that uses a different retention category.....Do the existing archived items also "change retrospective"?

Example:  Moving a user from the standard policy that uses the standard retention category of retaining items for 1 year.  If user is moved to a policy that uses a retention category that is 8 years, do the existing items than follow that 8 year rule.  And also if the user is moved back to the original policy does it then follow the 1 year rule again.....

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Ameen's picture

Moving a user into new policy will not change anthing on the data that is already archived.
If you want to move user to new policy with an another retention category then follow the below work arround,
1. Move that users to another policy whcih has priority.
2. Export all the mails from that user into pst.
3. Import it back to user's EV with new retention categoty.

It will work we have tested the same here.


Liam Finn's picture

 I agree with Ameen. It will require exporting and re archiving again to have the new policy apply. The same goes for moving the user back to the one year policy you will again need to export and archive under the new policy to have it apply

I have submitted a feature request for making the policy's retroactive but to date it has not yet gone to dev