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Moved mailboxes not being added to archiving task

Created: 16 Aug 2012 • Updated: 31 Oct 2012 | 11 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

I am midway through a migration from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2010.

I have found recently that the number of mailboxes in my A5 queue is less than the number of users on the mailbox server.

I have tried manually running the provisioning task and the synchronisation in the archiving task but this does not seem to update the count on the task.

When I run the provisioning task I can see the users mentioned and they have the state of mailbox updated.

The users appear in the list of enabled section of the Exchange Mailbox Archiving Status report they are just not being added to be archived.

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tim_d_jordan's picture

This may have been connected to our indexing service being disabled.

Does the indexing service need to be enabled in order to add new users?

LCT's picture

did you set the SynchInMigrationMode reg key on  the EV servers?

Also Indexes services should be enabled for archiving otherwise archived items won't get indexed, but it won;t be anything to do with new users being enabled etc.

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The synchinmigrationmode key is set.

Indexing was turned off (not my idea or recommendation) as it has a daily fit for about 2 hours when there is a sudden burst of reindexing, this was deemed to be excessive load.


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Can you manually force the task to archive these users, as in select a "run now" and see if they process via the A3 queue. 

If they dont process there, the event log may lead to a clue otherwise you could dtrace manual runs and see the issue(s)

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What value did you set the SynchInMigrationMode byt the way? What EV version are you running? As Mohawk suggested, dtrace the task during the schedule run to find out what is happening.

Regarding the indexing business, if the EV server cannot cope with the work load for the indexing service, then that needs to be looked at as disabling does not solve the issue and will cause more problems such as index failures etc. Indexing failures are a nightmare to deal with :-)

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so with the indexing service started which may be unrelated

I reran the provisioning task and the mailbox sync and I can now see them in a manual run.

So all in all a bit confused.

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no, the index issue is not related to this issue. Indexing service's job is to index archived items via Indexbroker.exe and indexserver.exe so i am pretty sure that it's not related.

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I assume you are on EV9 or 10 (as you state you are migrating to Ex2010).

I also assume you are on Ex2010SP1 (minumum)

What might happen is that you run provisioning right after you moved the users. This will update the hidden message (as you see (Mailbox Updated)), but it might also be that the info in AD is not (yet) replicated.

Seeing the time of this thread (posted message 16 hours ago, and starts working 11 hours ago), it might be AD-replication is slow?

And I agree, you need to keep your indexing running. Can it be you have a large Journal Archive, of which indexes are being converted to 64bit? PErhaps you can add an EV-indexing server, to take the load to one server. (if you are on EV10 that is)

Thank you, Gertjan, MCSE, MCITP,MCTS, SCS, STS

tim_d_jordan's picture

OK probably should have put some version numbers in here

Vault is 9.03

Server is 2008 R2 Enterprise

Exchange is 2010 SP2 RU1

Sadly the users who were being missed were moved at the weekend so the total time is around 4 days before it started on them.

Support have asked me to DTRACE the following after the next set of moves







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Did Support resolve this issue for you?

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Had forgotten about this case.

In the end we solved it on our own.

We found that in order for the new mailboxes to be enabled the indexing service does indeed need to be running in order to create an empty index record for the user at sync task run. Once this is created indexing can be stopped again.