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Moving Backup Exec 2012 Server to other hard drive

Created: 17 Feb 2013 | 12 comments
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Dear all, I need a solution.

Last two week's a tried to move my backup exec media server (OS - Windows Server 2008 r2 sp1) from SAN system disk (Now my media server system drive is a lun on remote disk srorage with connected over SAN network) to local SATA hard drive.

I tried to use SDR of server itself, but no luck - it doesn't load correct drivers for my devices.

I tried to use Windows Server backup - no luck again.

All because of the system SAN drive..

So, I decide to make a fresh install of my server (install same OS to local SATA hard drive and install Symantec BE 2012) and move all settings (copy Data and Catalogs directories).

But I don't understand how it will "remember" my storages (I have one disk storage over SAN and one robotic tape library over SAN). These storages contain my backup sets fo the last year.. I don't have to lose them. And I want it work correctly after migration.

I think I have to install Windows, install drivers for my storages (for disk based storage - give the same drive letter), install Sym BE, stop all BE services and copy DATA and CATALOGS directories from old server. Than start BE services.

Thank's in advance.

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See this document on what you need to do.

Although it is for BE 2010, the procedure is applicable for BE 2012.

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Wow, it says to copy all backup-to-disk folder bkf files (BEData), It's over 6 TB in my case.

And no words about tape library...

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You don't have to do anything about your tapes because you would have moved over the catalogs to the new system.

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But when I added my tape library for the first time Backup Exec installed symantec drivers for it.. I think it will be a problem..

And what about B2D storage? I don't have 6 TB of free space for temporary use..

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It won't be a problem...the drivers have nothing to do with what's contained in the Catalogs folder or the BEDB...pkh's answer on this stands.


Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support:

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So, as you I understand, I have to add my storages (disk based and tape library) to fresh installed symentec  BE and then stop all services and replace Catalogs and Data folders ??

When I will add the storage will the data stay on it ??

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No, that would wipe them out again as you are overwriting the existing Data/Catalogs folders.

You would install BE, and once done, stop the BE services and copy the Data/Catalogs folders from the old server to this one. Once done, start up the services, then add your B2D in.


Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support:

CraigV's picture can always confirm this by logging a support query with Symantec who will assist you in this...there doesn't seem to be any documentation on moving BE to another drive on the same server...


Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support:

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Easiest way to move BE between drives on same server is (ASSUMING DEDUPLICATION IS NOT INVOLVED)

Make sure you know current patch and hotfix level

stop BE services (including MSSQL BKUPEXEC instance)

backup the data and catalogs folder

uninstall BE

re-install BE to new paths

re-patch BE to same patch level

Stop BE services

copy back in the data and catalogs folders.

Note: Old job logs may not be readable in the BE console  after doing this but everything else should be OK.

You might be able to achieve some of this by manipulating within the registry or other tools. For instance you can move the Catalogs folder without a re-install quite easily. You can also easily re-define the job logs target. It is possible to move B2D paths (although their are limitations, Incremental VMware GRT enabled backup sets for instance where the relationship path is hard coded between the incrementals and the fulls)

NOTE: If Deduplication is involved then you will probably need to do a bit more research as the above steps will need further tweaking.

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There is no DEDUPLICATION, but I need to re-install whole OS generally, not only BE...

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If it is ONLY your media server and does not provide some other function - and assuming that the Disk Storage B2D devices will remain in a SAN drive that you can just re-attach then the same steps should work but instead of uninstalling BE after copying the catalogs and data folders, re-install the OS and BE.

This also assume the servername will remain the same after being rebuilt.

However really make sure you have eveything you need backed up/copied away before doing this.

Re-reading the original post as my last response was based on one of the later posts - I know we have run into limitations in the past (with IDR) where the C: drive is on a SAN and not located in a local hard disk. I am not sure if we ever claimed we could fully support such a configuration for IDR/SDR as such although I am not sure, it is possible you have run into a limitation of the product.

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That is exactly because I decide to re-install OS to local hard drive and move my settings.