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Moving BEXEC DB from one SQL server to another

Created: 09 Mar 2012 | 8 comments

Hey folks, I am trying to migrate our BEXEC SQL server to a stand alone SQL server.

I am following the following article:

The source DB is the default SQL server express instance that gets loaded by default when you install BEXEC. SQL Express 2005

Trying to move it to a SQL 2008 Enterprise box.

When I kick off the the BEUTILITY to migrate the DB it fails saying:

Failed to access the registry keys of selected server XXXX to get the Backup Exec version numbers.

Failed to access the registry keys of the select server XXXX to get the SQL Server version number.

Operation to change the location of Backup Exec database to SQL server instance XXXX ended with errors.

Both machines are Windows Server 2008 x64

Remote registry is up and running on both machines.

Using a domain admin account.

Nothing in the event logs on either machine


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 Try copy database to migrate same version of BE. Refer to the below article.

you may also refer the following steps 

1. Stop the backup exec services on the old server.

2. Stop the BEXEC (default) instance running on old server.

3. Copy folders, Catalog and Data(optionally if you are using IDR, with an exclusion of the temp files in Data folder), to the new server at a temp location.

4. Install Backup Exec on new server but do NOT open console. Stop the backup exec services and MSSQL on new server.

5. Copy Data, IDR and Catalog from temp location to new install location.

6. Start  BEUtility and performed a copy database from the temp location of the database.

after doing this you  should  have all your old history and jobs and be able to run on new server.

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These folders do not exist on the SQL server.

There is no backup Exec software on the SQL box, it is a pure SQL DB only.

I want the BEXEC front end on our APP server and the DB on our SQL box.

Currently the APP server has both BEXEC and the default SQL express loaded on it.

I want to break those apart.

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Have you checked out these TNs below? (might be what you're looking for!)


Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support:

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The folders would be on the Backup exec server itself .

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Thanks guys, some notes below.

Link below: I am trying to move the DB to a server that does not have BEXEC

Link below: is the one I am trying to use but getting the error stated in the orginal post

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...I really think the issue here is that you are trying to move that SQL Express 2005 BEDB to a server running SQL 2008 which might not be supported. You'd need to raise this with the Microsoft community.

The other option is to try upgrading to SQL Express 2008 on your BE server, and THEN move the BEDB to the SQL server. Whatever you do, grab a copy of the Data/Catalogs folders first...

Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support:

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I did this exact migration from SQL Express 2005 to full blown SQL 2008 in a test lab with no issues.

Of course when doing it production I am running into issues! :)

I dont think its a compatibility issue.

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Be aware we still recommend that the BEDB is always in it's own SQL instance, with no other application databases in teh same instance, even if that instance is located on a different physical server.