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Moving the Console - PUBKEY.CRT

Created: 27 May 2006 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 2 comments

I just successfully moved the Ghost Console from one machine to another, but I'm having the problem where none of my client machines are seeing the Ghost Server. However, if I delete the PUBKEY.CRT on the client machine and then restart the Ghost Client service, the Ghost Server can see the client again. Unfortunately, some of the client machines have 5 or 6 different images used for QA/testing purposes. Am I going to have to restore each image and then delete the .CRT file and then update the image?

Uggh...I've got about 40 different images!

I thought about just deleting the .CRT file right from the images using Ghost Explorer, but all my images are NTFS.

Somebody please tell me I'm overlooking something!


Peter Lucas

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I figured it out.

Copy the pubkey.crt and privkey.crt from the original server and put it on the new server!

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Don't copy the privkey.crt file anywhere (except to a Console backup).

The privkey/pubkey pair are part of the security apparatus of the Ghost Console and are generated automatically when the Console is installed. When a Ghost Client is installed it receives a copy of the public key from the Console. Using these certificates, a Client can authenticate the Console and thus ensure that only the designated Console can take control of a Client.
If you copy the private key to all the clients, then any user on the network can take that file and create a duplicate Console - which the clients will not be able to distingiush from the authorised Console (i.e havoc would ensue). So, keep the private key safe & secure on your designated Console only.