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Moving Database in 7.1

Created: 03 Jan 2012 • Updated: 04 Jan 2012 | 4 comments
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Happy new year all!

A new year brings new problems and hopefully new solutionsenlightened

We are trying to move our database from one SQ L2005 server to another, previously we have simply backed up and moved the database to the new server, then stopped all Altiris services on the NS server, then entered the new SQL server name and told it to use the existing database.

What is happening now is when I click on save changes to use the existing database, it goes through process of upgrading the database this eventually completes but an error flashes up quickly followed by a completed successfully window. It then reverts back to the old database settings.

Looking in the Log Viewer shows amongst other errors "upgrade of database, post install, was not fully successful"  Violation of Primary key constraint.

Has anyone else seen this when moving their database, we're using NS7.1 and SQL 2005 server.



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This is strictly a guess: Have you tried running the DB repair option?

I'm not sure I've ever run it, but maybe it would help?  Obviously, take a backup before you do...

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Remember, it is not just moving the database file in that location in the Console.  Essentially, there are two places that must be modified.

For Notifcation Server, here is what must be done:

Modify the registry underneath HKLM>Software>Altiris>eXpress>Notification Server and verify that this DBDsn regkey is DRIVER={SQL Server};SERVER=FQDN\INSTANCE;DATABASE=Symantec_CMDB;

Then, underneath C:\Program Files\Altiris\Notification Server\Bin\Tools

Run NSConfigurator from inside an elevated Command Window.  Check under the 'Database Settings' in the left side.  Modify DbServer so that it says FQDN\INSTANCE.

Restart the server or all services.

I am not sure which option the GUI modifies as I usually do it manually below, but just verify both places to be sure.  Hope that helps!

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I can't remember doing this the last time we changed the DB but maybe I'm suffering from memory loss!

Thanks for your help, I'm just glad this didn't get messy.


Shaun Hodgkinson

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Glad to have helped!  :)

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