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Moving a DS installation to a new server

Created: 21 Oct 2012 | 2 comments

Hi all

does anyone know of decent documentation on how to move a current DS 6.9 (Build 453) installation to a new server.

SQL is off box and not being moved, the server that hosts the DS applicaion is almost out of warranty and we are purchasing a new server.

We have NS7.1 on a separate server and at this stage do not want to migrate to DS7.1



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I'm not aware of anything but it should be quite a simple process, this is for changing DS IP address but might give you a few things to think about:

Do you have many scripted installs or Preboot configs? They're the trickier things to migrate from one box to another, otherwise I'd start with a new database, copy the settings across and back up and restore the Jobs as Bin files.

Keep the old DS going for a while and just use change agent config to move agents across, they should update the aclient automatically if you set that option. Or you could generate a new standard aclient.inp file (must contain all the setting you want) and use copy file task to copy to settings:aclient.inp. that will apply the new settings.

Once you have most aclients over, you can create a job in NS to move the rest over and retire the old DS. Make sure before you switch off the old DS that any remaining clients have an Altiris (NS) Agent installed.

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This is an older post, but since it hasn't been solved...

I took a different approach than andykn101 when I moved to a new server. My SQL was on-box so it was a little easier, but the db name doesn't have to be eXpress, so this would work with an off-box db as well.

1. The first thing I did was create a DNS alias for my server
2. Re-configured my agents to use that alias
3. Backed up and restored my database to the new server
4. Installed the DS to the new server using the existing database so nothing is lost - configuration, folder structure, jobs, security, etc.
5. Copied all packages, images, and scripts to the new server

Once I was satisfied that all was correct on the new server, I got the IP address changed on the DNS alias to point to new server's IP.