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Moving IMG folders

Created: 09 May 2013 | 2 comments
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I have a number of IMG folders that I would like to move from network storage to local disk on another server (not the one where BE 2010 is installed). Is this possible in any way? If I just move the folders, can I tell BE 2010 where they have moved to, or even just move them back if/when BE needs to access them? IS there anything I should do in BE before moving the files/folders?

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Hans A,

  Probably the best way that I have done this is to create a new B2D folder on the local disk on the other server and then run a duplicate job that will duplicate the data directly to the new folder.  This enables you to restore from the new B2D folder. 

If you just manually copy the bkf files then you would need to copy them back to their original location run an inventory and catalog job before you could restore them.

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You should NOT move/copy .bkf or .img files/folders.  See this document

Reasons why copying backup to disk data files is NOT recommended.