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Moving MSMQ for EV in windows cluster environment.

Created: 22 Jul 2013 • Updated: 29 Jul 2013 | 8 comments
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Can you help me to provide the steps to move MSMQ location to different storage drive in windows 2008 cluster environment.

I tried to search but most of the solutions are for standalone environment.

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There is already a discussion going on for moving clustered MSMQ to another drive
Might be helpful for you to see the comments.

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This is more of Microsoft than EV. I see following on MS technet:

Excerpt from this technet article says:

"Note that when you select the Physical Disk resource for the Message Queuing cluster group, Message Queuing allocates its storage in the MSMQ\STORAGE folder on the shared disk. After storage has been allocated, you cannot modify the folder location."

I would recommed contacting MS Support for correct procedure.

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Did you get any updates from MS about the procedure?

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I moved the MSMQ to new location successfully without any issue following the below steps with few changes :

1. Firstly we need to verify that MSMQ queue is 0

2. Before bringing the MSMQ resource online in steps 8 you need to add the dependencies.

1. In the Failover Cluster Management console, expand Cluster_name | Services and Applications | Server_name
2. Bring all resources offline including the Disk Drive resource for MSMQ
3. Browse to the MSMQ folder location and move the msmq folder to a backup location; Ie. M:\storage\msmq
4. Go to properties of the MSMQ Resource | Dependencies tab
5. Take note of the EV resource listed which should be listed as the server name and Delete it. Click OK and choose Yes when prompted.
6. Right-click on the MSMQ Resource and choose Delete. Click Yes when prompted
7. Expand Cluster_name > Services and Applications > Server_name > Add a resource > More Resources > B - Add Message Queuing
8. Bring this resource online and go to the Properties and Dependencies tab
9. Add the EV resource name that was deleted in step 5. Also add the msmq resource dependency and click OK.
10. Bring all resources back online and confirm EV is now functional again