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Moving partitions to EMC Celerra front-end??

Created: 01 Feb 2011 • Updated: 07 Feb 2011 | 4 comments
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We are moving to EMC Celerra for Vault partition storage.  Our current configuration is SAN-attached NTFS drives in Vault 2007sp4.  The end goal is to move the partitions to EMC Celerra front-end running CIFS.  I was planning on following the following Technote. Has anyone done this and does that Technote apply or do you recommend a different route?

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I'm just in the middle of a migration from SAN to Centera for my vault Stores ( EV9).And for this I used a Symantec tool (NTFSCenteraMigrator.exe)  . This tool comes with the EV installation ( This already existed in previous versions and is documented)

This copies all the data to centera ( you have to have a Centera partition in your vault Store). Then you can delete the old SAN partition in the console. In fact you are moving from one partition to the other within the same vault.

I hope this helps you to take your decision

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He said Celerra which is NAS not Centera which is CAS

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Moving to a Celerra should be simple as Celerra is just iSCSI disk instead of FC connected SAN disk


Mount the new Celerra drive on the server as a new drive e.g Drive X (do not disconnect the old drive from the SAN)

Stop the EV services

Copy the data from the old drive to the new drive X

Change the drive letter of the old drive to something like Drive Z

Change the new Celerra drive X to the letter of the old drive

Start the EV services

The only difference between a Celerra and a SAN is that the medium for them to communicate. the move should be simple as long as you are not in a Clustered config on the EV servers.

I have made moves from DAS to SAN in the same way and it works without issue

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