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Moving Public Folder database to another Exchange server

Created: 08 Oct 2013 | 6 comments


I need to move a public folder database from Exchange 2007 to another Exchange 2007 server mailbox. Once the database moved I followed the below article to reconfigure EV for the new Exchange server. But somehow I can not access archived items on the public folder from Outlook however, I am able to access vaulted items from Archive Explorer and also able to access non archived items from PF.

I wonder if I missed any other steps.


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I thought forklifiting a PF DB was for labs only and was not a supported means to move Public folders in Exchange. If I am mistaken I am sorry ... but I thought we went through this process not too long ago with a customer and I felt you could do it this was and was proven to be incorrect.

Is your PF data accessible still via Exchange? THe TN you refernced mentions replicating the data over... not forklifting the DB. I knew you could replicate it over... or use a migration utility. Perhaps this is where your issue begins.

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Can you please prvoide a Dtrace of StorageOnlineOpns & W3wp from the EV Server and a Client Trace set to Maximum from the client machine.

You can follow the steps in below order.

  1. Go to EV Server and enable Dtrace on StorageOnlineOpns & W3wp
  2. You can follow the article on How to run a Dtrace -
  3. Then Go to Outlook and enable client Trace
  4. You can follow the article on How to enable Client trace -
  5. Then Double-Click on the archived item.

Now upload the logs so that we can analyze it.

Also Provide the FQDN of both Exchange Server.

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Hello EVRocks,

Is you issue resolved ???

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Apologies for not getting back to you.

Nop. I am still having the issue I will try to follow A_J instructions.

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Have you delete the old public folder archiving task. Make sure you first delete the target and then Task.



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Yes at the time I did delete the PF archiving task and the target.

the FQDN is exch003fp and exch004fp please see the attached dtrace log file

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