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Moving Shopping services data location

Created: 28 Jul 2013 • Updated: 27 Aug 2013 | 11 comments
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I want to move the shopping services data location in windows clustered enterprise vault environment.

eg. presently shopping services data location is set at H:\EV\Shopping and I need to change this location to I:\EV\Shopping.

We have the data under H:\EV\Shopping, should i need to copy those data to new locations or not required and can anyone provide me the exact stpes to change the locations in clustered enterprise vault environment.

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Moving shopping data: Shopping service
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The steps should be:

Moving shopping data: Shopping service

We recommend that you do not move the shopping data when users have started shopping. If you do move the data to another volume, all the individual file permissions are lost and must be reapplied manually.

If you move rather than copy the data to somewhere else on the same volume, the file permissions are retained.

To move the data to another location on the same volume

  1. Stop IIS.

  2. Stop the Shopping service.

  3. Move the data. (Do not copy it.)

  4. Change the data location in the Vault Administration Console by performing the following steps in the order listed:
    • In the Administration Console, expand the left pane until the appropriate Vault Site is visible.

    • Expand the Vault Site until Computers is visible.

    • Expand Computers.

    • Expand the computer that runs the Shopping service.

    • In the right pane, double-click the Shopping service that you want to modify.

    • On the General tab of the Shopping Service property page, click Change.

    • If you are prompted for the password to the Vault Service account, type it and then click OK.

    • In the Choose Folder dialog box, select the new folder and then click OK.

  5. Start the Shopping service and IIS.

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Dear Tony,

I want to move the shopping data to different volume, can you please provide the  individual file permissions which must be reapplied manually.Also, should I have to move the shopping data to new location?

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How many folders do you have under the Shopping folder?

I believe if you look on the properities of the folders you will see the individual permissions assigned.

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By default system & administrator group have full permission on EV shopping folder & user's have full control permission on their Basket folder in addition the inherit permission comes from shopping folder.

So if you move (instead of copy) shopping folder to new location (another drive) these permission will retain and you do'nt need to assign permssion separtely.

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Should I have to manually assign rights for VSA account and EVAnon account on  EV shopping folder at new location (another drive) or will the rights be assigned automatically when the shopping services is started after change the location to another drive through  Vault Administration Console.

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EV won't automatically assign rights.  Again, if you move the folder you shouldn't have an issue.

Just work through the steps above and you should be good to go.

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You should be good to go by folowing above technote supplied by Tony, EV automaticaly assign rights to shopping folder. By default EV service a/c is memember of Administrors group so it would have full permission.

There are some case (such as OWA retrival) where we need to give full permission to authenticated user + EV anon user account manully, refer TN (Solution C).

You can try opening items via OWA (if configured in your environment), If retrival works OK then don't need to assign any permission manually.

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I tried in LAB environment to move the shopping folder to another volume but  all the individual file permissions were lost and was unable to retrieve emails through OWA.

If we give full permission to authenticated user on shopping folder then will not the users have access to other users folders inside shopping folder ?

How about if I delete the data of shopping folder and re-configure it again as new, then will there be any issue to the users?


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For OWA issue, I would suggest to give permission to authenticated users + EV anon user on shopping folder & create a different post if need to discuss in detail.

Answer to your second question, If you delete the data inside shopping folder. Users would not be able to see basket they have created in past & only new basket would be visbible (it does not mean to have any data loss).

If you give permission to authenticated users on shopping folder still they cannot access as this is NTFs permission not share permission.

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Hi Danish,

Has this problem solved?



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Dear EV,

Yes worked fine, assigned permission to authenticated users + EV anon user on shopping folder.