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Moving task to secondary EV Server

Created: 23 Jul 2014 • Updated: 11 Aug 2014 | 3 comments
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Hello Everyone,

In our present scenario, we have deployed 1 EV server for 2 exchange clusters and following components are running on the current EV Server:

1. Two Mailbox Archiving Task.

2. Journal Archiving Task

3. Storage, Indexing, Shopping, Task Controller Services.

Archives are stored in the Data Domain (Partiton F) and Indexes are being stored in Clarion Storage (Partiton D)

Now in the same site we planning to add additional EV server, which will run Journal archiving and PST migration from there.

Now few things on which i need assistant:

1. Can we mount same drive D and F mounted on primary EV server to secondary EV server. Can both EV servers write at the same time on these drives.

2. If we move journal archiving task from Primary EV server to Secondary EV, which EV server storage and indexing service will work on this journal archive.

3. Do we need to change the index location of journal archive to secondary EV server.


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1.  Short answer is no.

2.  With no other changes the new Journal archive task will send the data to the old Index server for indexing and the old Storage service for storing.

3.  It would be a good idea to move the index location to the new server so that you would have the Archiving and Indexing taking place on the new server.

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Hi Wit,

Thanks for Reply.

Few more things,

1. Is it possible to setup the additional EV server in such a way that journal archiving task running on the new server should send data to the storage and indexing services on new server for processing.

In such case do we need to create new journal archive, or we can still use old archive which is stored on data domain.

I have found a link


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In order to have the processes all running on the same server you'll need to move the indexes to the new server, create a new vault store using that server's storage and move the archive into the new vault store.