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Moving Vault Store Partitions to free up space on EV Server 7.5 SP3...

Created: 27 Dec 2012 • Updated: 24 Jan 2013 | 3 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

Ladies and Gents,

this is probably an old chestnut. Enterprise Vault 7.5 SP3.

I'm about to run out of disk storage space, despite best efforts to avoid the situation...

I've read through this article:

...which is nicely written, but wanting to be certain that I've both understood the article and that the move I'm considering is actually feasable, I need advice.

I need some options. My EV Servers disk drive arrays are almost full. When they fill up in a few days, my Exchange environment will then run out of space and there'll wailing and despair all around, not to mention an EV admin (me) being kicked.

We will be replacing the current EV server and going to a more powerful server with some SAN storage, very soon. However, that won't happen soon enough to get me out of the current mess. We'll also be upgrading through the versions from 7.5 SP3 to Version 10.x

The current EV Servers' directly attached drive arrays are about to become completely full. I've read the aforementioned article and hope that I can move the partitions to another server (not an Enterprise Vault Server), yet keep them 'available via EV for the users' untill we can effect a migration to the planned new server.

Can this work ? Does anyone have a better idea? I desperately need to make some room to keep the current box running until its replacement is ready.

All suggestions valued and appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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TonySterling's picture

I think the quickest, easiest thing you could do is to open a new partition on some temporary storage (or possibly the SAN storage if it is available) and close off the current partition.  That way you are just moving the old data once as I imagine it is quite a large amount and will take some time.

GertjanA's picture

Agree with Tony, but you also might want to get a location on the SAN storage, and use 'collect and migrate' to migate cabfiles from the current partition to that one.

In addition, you might want to search the location for files with extention ARCHDVS, (and if you use collections already for ARCHCAB) and remove old ones.

If you already use collections (which you can see in the properties of the Vault Store Partitions), you might want to move old cab-files first. That option got me (even when moving cabfiles older than 2 years) almost immediately several GB's. When you enable collections, be aware that that cannot be 'undone'. The only thing to 'undo' it, is to set the collect age at 999 years.

When using 'migrate' try to figure out which timefram (ie Migrate files older than) will give you some additional space. If you use it, make sure to set the interval to remove the cabfiles (Remove collections from primary storage) to 1 day. This should give you space after 1 day.


Thank you, Gertjan, MCSE, MCITP,MCTS, SCS, STS

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We got very close to the edge, but fortunately, we were able to buy in some more disk space (just under 10Tb), which was installed last night.. This gets us over the immediate worry, and I hope next month to proceed with an upgrade through to EV R 9.x and then follow that with migration to a more powerful x.64 server, which will allow upgrade to EV 10.latest...
Thankyou for offering some options that we might have had to use.