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MPX for one folder in linux

Created: 15 Dec 2013 • Updated: 16 Dec 2013 | 6 comments
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I have big data size 5TB in one folder, for example : /data/big
It containts many files and sub-folder.
I enabled cross mount point and 5 mpx, but look likes its only generate 2 JobId, consider as 1 mpx.
How to enable 5 mpx, so its generate 5 JobId in different drive?
(Objective, I want to backup 5TB in one folder in less than 8 hours)

How I can see, some JobIds for some clients write data to drive?
IE: id 1291, 1292, 1293, from client1, client1 and client2 write to drive 1
So, I can know 1 drive handle 3 jobs at the same time.


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check the Maximum jobs per client value.

The Maximum Jobs Per Client property limits the number of backup jobs that can run concurrently on any NetBackup client. Maximum Jobs Per Client appears on the Global properties dialog box of the master server

for more details onthis subject check out the below link:

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I don't limit the Number of Jobs per Client

Maybe my questions are not clear.
I have big size data in 1 folder in linux, how to configure multi stream to speedup backup time?

How to see the stream jobs write to one or multiple drives at the time?

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did you enable the allow multiple data streams in the Policy attributes...?

when you say 5 MPX it looks like you have enabled Mulitplexing... not the Mulitstreaming..

go get the mulitple jobs you need to enable the multisteaming(allow multiple data streams) in the policy attrubutes..

also make sure your storage unti has the capable of handeling more than 5 jobs ...

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Yes, I enabled multiple data streams in policy.
SU, max concurent drives = 10 and MPX =5 (I have 10 drives)

In linux, Can 1 folder with some sub-folder backup into multi stream? how?

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That won't work I don't think - depending on the disk layout the dir is on.

If you make multi reads off the same disk - then each stream will be going slower, so backup speed doesn't increase.

Eg. 1 streams may read at 100MB/s, but if you start another the read speed will drop.

Now, one or two streams will probably be fine, but 5 almost certainly won't be.

If the 'directory' is located across multiple disks you could read multiple strea,s if you pick directorys on the same underlying disks, so you only make one read off each disk.

The only way this would work, is to have the dir located in a striped array that is able to support multiple reads at high speed, but even then, if two or more streams are reading data that is located on the same disk, the read  performance will drop.

Regards,  Martin
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