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MS Office files only / Include list?

Created: 20 May 2013 | 3 comments

NBU Master & Media servers are all:  NBU Ent Server / W2k8 R2 Standard

Client machines are all:  NBU Client / W2k8 R2 Standard

The company has a number of remote offices. Each office is getting a new server. One of the server's jobs will be to act as a central repository for data in that location. Users will store files in the D:\Data directory. There is no limit on file types that can be stored.  The task is to create a backup policy that targets only the MS Office files in the D:\Data directory. Client-side deduplication is enabled to minimize network traffic.

I have created a policy that targets the D:\Data directory but am not sure how to only target MS Office files. To use an Include list it seems to me that I would need to first Exclude the D:\Data directory. I'm not keen on that method.  Naturally, I searched the Forum and the Google but wasn't able to find any recent posts related to this topic.

Has anyone recently attempted to create this type of backup? I'd like to avoid having to do a lot of manual entries to target top-level and subdirectories.

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In your file selection select d:\Data

Create an exclude list with:



Then create an include list with





Then test it.

Basically the file selection in the policy is used first. Then the exclude is 2nd to be used, so we exclude everything found. Then the include list is the last to be used, so we then say 'but include these in the backup'

Read this Technote on include/exclude

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Thanks revaroo.  I'll give it a try.  Maybe we can get a new feature added in an upcoming release.  

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Great, let us know the result.