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MS SQL 2008 Collector for SSIM

Created: 24 Jan 2013 | 5 comments

Hi All,

Do we have a collector for MS SQL 2008. I am aware that we can integrate MSSQL 2008 using MSSQL 2005 Collector.

I have gone trough the Symantec File Connect but unable to find the collector there for MS SQL 2008.

Through Symantec Connect links there is a possibility to integrate 2008 with 2005 collector.

Also it seems that the File Connect is not updated with the new collector released date by date because i am using Oracle 10g collector but the same is not listed at File Connect. Do we have any other depository or links then please share it.

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You are correct, there  does not seem to be a collector separately for MS SQL 2008, as yet.

Regarding the  second question, sometimes, if a collector is superceded, it may not appear in fileconnect. As per my understanding, Oracle 10 g collecotr was there is past, but it is now been superceded by Oracle DB Event Collector v4.4.12. 


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For this purpose you can use the Symantec™ Event Collector 4.4 for Microsoft® SQL Server™ Error Log. At the compatibility section you can see that this collector is for MS SQL 2008.

You can find this collector on fileconnect, the filename is :

Supported versions:

Microsoft SQL Server 2005
Microsoft SQL Server 2008
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2
Microsoft SQL Server Denali CTP1 (2011)



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You are correct, you can use SQL 2005 collector for the log collection from SQL 2008.

There won't be amy separate collector.

Also the one which Laszlo2 talking about is for collection of Error logs.

But for the collection of security logs you can continue using the previous one. Log parsing would remain same in this case.

Hope that helps you.


Avkash K

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The MS SQL 2005 collector also collect events from ERRORLOG. Events that you mentioned are in the Windows Event Log which you can collect with another collector.
This is from the MS SQL 2005 collector guide:
Microsoft SQL Server 2005 logs a limited set of messages. These messages are
logged in two locations: the Windows Event log and a SQL Server log file called
The Windows Event log and ERRORLOG, include these activities:
 ■ Major server-level events such as SQL Server stop and start activity. These
event types are logged by default.
 ■ User activity such as trace started and stopped by a user. These activities are
logged by default.
 ■ Error messages such as Could not start the network library, TDSSNIClient
initialization failed, and so on.
 ■ User logon activity such as failed logons, successful logons, or both.
Microsoft SQL Server 2005 should be configured to log both types of activity
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Thanks for sharing this info Laszlo2.


Avkash K