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MS SQL Database Backup

Created: 18 Dec 2013 | 6 comments

I am currently running Server 2008 R2 with BE2012 SP3 and have just done a full recovery using SDR on a test server, but whilst checking the restored server I have noticed that the SQL databases are no there.

I have checked the selections and they are selected, the credentials pass fine and I have a message every morning saying that the full SDR backup has completed OK, I do have Agents & Databases installed which I thought backed up the SQL files (it is not an evaluation version either as we purchased it so I know it hasn't expired).

Is there anything I need to change to ensure it backs up the databases as at the moment its a good job I noticed it or if anything major happened I would be right in it.

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You need to restore the SQL databases seperately. Here are a couple of links that would help

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As well as Jaydeeps useful links you will have need to do an actual SQL agent backup (which you may or may not have done as part of your SDR backup) and you will need the Database Agent licence enabled on the media server to do this.

Even if you have backed up SQL correctly the reason why SDR does not recover your SQL database in one pass and you have to create a separate SQL restore job (or jobs)  afterwards is that restoring SQL data requires the SQL services and binaries to be available and the WinPE environment that SDR uses does not feature any SQL components so cannot make them available.

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Surly I don't need the SQL Agent as the physical server I am backing up is the SQL Server and the storage device is locally attached to it as well.

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...without the agent you can't unlock the functionality to backup the application. Like that with all vendor backup applications (well, most of them like CA ARCserve, IBM TSM etc).


Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support:

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So even though I have installed the license for Applications & Databases is there another install that I have to run top perform the back up of the databases.

I am sorry but this SQL Backup is all new to me and I have been kind of dropped in at the deep end :-(.

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Once you have installed the Agent for Applications and Databases license, you need to enable the SQL option. You should then be able to see a SQL Server Databases node under your SQL Server machine. You need to create a separate job to backup this node and you need to turn off AOF in this job

You should also familiarize yourself with the SQL Server chapter in the Admin Guide