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MSCS with FSA Migration from 32 bit to x64

Created: 17 May 2010

Hi All,

We currently have a Windows 2003 32 bit Active/Active cluster (mscs) with FSA 2007 SP4.  FSA is installed in the cluster as a resource, and it's archiving points have been configured using the virtual server names. 

We're planning on upgrading the cluster nodes from Windows 2003 32 bit to Windows 2003 64 bit.  MSCS isn't compatible between 32 bit and 64 bit architectures, so our plan is to switch the LUNs from the old 32 bit cluster to the new 64 bit and recreate the cluster resources via script.  All of the cluster resources (names, drive letters, paths, etc) will be identical on the new nodes.

Unfortunately, we're not sure how to install/migrate the FSA agents to the new cluster.  We're hoping that since the cluster resources are identical that the shortcuts will work on the new cluster nodes, but we haven't been able to verify this.  What do you guys think?  Does anyone have any experience with a cluster migration like this?  Also, are there any issues with the FSA 2007 SP4 agent on x64 that we should be aware of before making the leap?

Thanks very much for the help!