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MSDP Duplications not showing data

Created: 30 Jul 2013 | 5 comments
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I had been having trouble with SLP duplications between MSDP's in different data centers a while back. We decided to turn off the replication in order to work other avenues as our support case was open for 6 months and no real progress was made.

I have recently decided to turn reenable the SLP's and troubleshoot the issue a bit more for my own knowledge. I am noticing that the duplication jobs are completing and there are images on the secondary MSDP in the catalog.... However, for the duplication jobs I do not see a vaule in the KB field. I was wondering if this is normal or not.

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Can you show an example of your job details?

Is it the AIR replication (between 2 masters)?

Or the usual SLP duplication (between 2 diff sites MSDP media servers) you're talking about?

The duplication job you saw, has it completed? If the job is active, you might not see KB field, wait till its completion first.

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This is standard replication between two MSDP's in different geographic locations over a WAN. The jobs have completed an still show no data. Again I find it weird that there is a catalog entry on the destination MSDP but without showing any data physically being sent.

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I recall having seen this issue in 7.1, but we have upgraded to, and can confirm that all of my duplication (within a single domain) and replication (AIR between domains) SLP jobs show values in the Kilobytes column.  Replication jobs also show values in the KB per Second column, while Duplication jobs do not, either while active, or after having completed.  Incidentally, this behavior is common for MSDP disk pools as well as OST disk pools.

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Found a few technotes regarding "not showing KB" field, some are not duplication jobs. : Latest issue showing inconsistent (queuing) complete jobs : restore NDMP   : General "showing no KB"

Probably log a support case and provide the Netbackup version.

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Quite common on the Duplication world, a way we use to check the speeds and all that was with bpdbjobs -report -all_columns commands, dumping the data in to file or just checking one single dup job with bpdbjobs -jobid <id> -all_columns, the newer versions of NBU show all the data in the GUI.

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