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MSDP, need to increase "Space allocated for containers"

Created: 18 Jul 2013 • Updated: 19 Jul 2013 | 2 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.


I have created an 100GB MSDP drive. Yesterday I increased the drive in Windows with 600GB so it's now 700GB, but my output with crcontrol --dsstat 1 still shows "Space allocated for containers  

107052610474 bytes (99.70GB)

How do I increase the MSDP size? I rebooted the server after the resize. Whn I do backups ti the MSDP drive I get error 84, and I guess that's because it's still 100GB.

Netbackup version is and Windows 2008R2.


C:\Program Files\Veritas\pdde>crcontrol --dsstat 1

************ Data Store statistics ************
Data storage      Raw    Size   Used   Avail  Use%
                 700.0G 671.0G 101.8G 569.2G  15%

Number of containers             : 399
Average container size           : 268302281 bytes (255.87MB)
Space allocated for containers   : 107052610474 bytes (99.70GB)
Space used within containers     : 107035833258 bytes (99.68GB)
Space available within containers: 16777216 bytes (16.00MB)
Space needs compaction           : 41333424 bytes (39.42MB)
Reserved space                   : 31118823424 bytes (28.98GB)
Reserved space percentage        : 4.1%
Records marked for compaction    : 637
Active records                   : 842509
Total records                    : 843146



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vryzhkov's picture

Your MSDP report the correct size under RAW and Avail. So that's ok.

"Space allocated for containers" stands for the space ever allocated by the system so do not use these figures to estimate available space. Your system will allocate more with the next backups.

Speaking about the error - code 84 could be tricky with MSDP.

If I was doing the resize then I would start with:

nbdevconfig -inventorydb -preview -stype PureDisk -dp <your_pool_name>

just to understand that NBU itself sees the storage correctly. If preview reports changed size then go for the same command withour preview option.


Valery Ryzhkov

kybeer's picture

Hi! I got this result:

Old Raw Size (GB): 671.02
New Raw Size (GB): 671.02

Old Formatted Size (GB): 671.02
New Formatted Size (GB): 671.02

Old Host List: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
New Host List: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

However, when I ran nbdevconfig -inventorydp -stype PureDisk -dp <your_pool_name> (that is without the -preview) it also said: "Disk pool MSDP01 was successfully inventoried and updated with the following updates". I restared the backup job and it's running now. With crcontrol --dsstat 1 I can see more than 100GB in use.

Thanks for the help!