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MSDP Volume down - Error Code 2074

Created: 18 Mar 2013 • Updated: 27 Mar 2013 | 3 comments
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I have configured a MSDP-Pool on a RHEL MediaServer and STU as Target.
Netbackup Version 7.5.
A Test Backup to this STU first is running fine and all Backup-Policy with this STU as Target are running successfully.
Suddenly, a error message with Netbackup Code 2074 - Volume down.
All policy failed.
Status of the Deduplication as follows:

configured Storage Pool Size : 25TB
used space : 1,5TB
available space : 23,5TB

why is the Dedup-Volume down ?

what kind of data are is written to the path /var/log/puredisk/pdplugin.log   ?
Over 88GB of Data was written to this path.
Why ?

Can anybody explain ?

kind regards

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/var/log/puredisk/pdplugin.log is the default file for logging all activities concerning sending backups to the PureDisk disk pool.
In /usr/openv/lib/ost-plugins there is a file named pd.conf.
If the DEBUG_LOG line is not commented out, it points to this file by default. You can change it of course.

Regarding the size written here, you would look in the same file for the logging level (LOGLEVEL). If the value is high, then a lot of debug events are logged during your backups.

For normal operation, but still enabling initial troubleshooting you could settle with a log level 1 or 2. Running log level 10 will fill a lot, and should only be used during troubleshooting.

If you are logging a lot, you may experience timeouts, as it is busy with writing log entries, which could lead to it reporting down due to the timeout.


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NetBackup forum seems to be more appropriate...

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To troubleshoot you volume down message start by looking at the storaged.log and spoold.log

Also run an All Log Entroes report to see if that reveals anything, if nothing else it will give you a time when it went down so that you can pin the time to look at in the storaged and spoold logs

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