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[MSSHAREDTOOLS] not functioning, sort of

Created: 08 Feb 2012 | 3 comments

Using SWV 6.4.1550
We use it on XPsp3 and Windows server 2003 with citrix.

When I create a layer under winxp with dirs/files under the [MSSHAREDTOOLS] part, they do not show up when the layer is activated. I must place them under '[COMMONFILES]\Microsoft Shared' to work. During capturing, the msshared part is put into '[COMMONFILES]\Microsoft Shared'.
When I do this on the windows2003 server, the effect is the other way around, dirs & files under the '[COMMONFILES]\Microsoft Shared' part aren't visible and must be put under [MSSHAREDTOOLS]. This is rather inconvenient, as we try to use one xpf for both platforms.

I don't know if this was an issue with previous versions of SWV as this was my fist encounter with the msshared section.

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Just spotted this unanswered posting. Did you solve this issue?  What application was involved?

Are you deploying an SWV application to a server ?

If your issue has been solved, please use the "Mark as Solution" link on the most relevant thread.

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Not solved, encountered it with office xp and visual studio. But it's reproducable with an editted empty layer. We're deploying to xpsp3 and server 2003sp2 with citrix.

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is to copy the contents of the '[COMMONFILES]\Microsoft Shared' directory to the [MSSHAREDTOOLS] part of the xpf. Or the other way around, depending on were it's captured.

Not pretty, but it's simple and it works.