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MSSQL Agent - Filesystem errors

Created: 08 May 2012 | 14 comments


We have the  following problem running BE 2010R3 SP2.

When backing up MSSQL Express 2005 SP4 on two machines (HP DL380 G7) after that the filesystem on the partition where the database is located is getting corrupted (CHKDSK shows errors and need to be run in read/write mode on startup to correct them).

This is absolutely reproducable and happens every time the DBs are backed up.

When we removed the machines from backup they run without any probem for days, when we put them back into the backup jobs filesystem is corrupted after the backup ran.

We also checked to backup the partition where the DBs are location without selecting the agent and activating VSS which works flawlessly. As soon as we select them via MSSQL from within BE problem reappears.

Any suggestions what's going wrong here?

BTW: We already had a call open with HP which checked all HW and FW versions, but were not able to find any problem and stated that everything is correct.



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If you backup your SQL databases using SQL studio , does the same behaviour happen , that your file system is corrupted if not could you please check that

Also try seprating the backup of SQL & file system, were SQL backup should be backed up without AOFO & for filesystem backup you can use AOFO if required

If issue still persist you can also look for events in events viewer after backup is done on SQL server to see realted events in terms of error, warning and information



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Ok doing a backup from within SQLStudio does not corrupt the filesystem, it only happens when doing a backup via BE SQLAgent.

Just to make it clear again.

This happens reproducably every time and on all machines.

Maybe a good idea to drop BE SQLAgent for now.


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How are you backing up your SQL Express databases?  Using the SQL agent?

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We are trying to backup SQL using BE SQLAgent.

We already tried doing SQLBackup job for it's own with AOFO disabled without success.

Event Logs do not show any errors.

Doing the same from within Studio we did no try but will do so and post results.


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Since the problem is reproducible, you should open a formal support case for it to be looked at. 

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i'm installing backup exec 2012 and when it gets to sql express it fails with extraction failed " access is denied"

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If possible, can you open a support ticket for this issue, we would like to look at it a bit more closely.


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We opened a support case more than two month ago, however still now solution.

Here it is absolutely reproducable on different machines also with the smallest possible SQL database and only happens when using the BE MSSQL agent for backup. When using MS tools for backup or use BE without agent (VSS based backup) no problem at all.

Symantec support reproduced it here via remote session and also seemed to quite surprised/confused.

Last time I heared from them is more than two weeks ago.


CraigV's picture be honest, I wouldn't wait 2 them back and ask them for an update or an escalation.

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Why don't you send Ben L. a PM with our case number and ask him to take a look?

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That would be me.  Private message me the case number and I'll look into the issue.

I'm one of the 3rd level tech's that monitors the forums from time to time. smiley

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Another month has passed without any reaction from Symantec's side.

The customer is getting quite angry meanwhile and want's to drop BE altogehter.

Sorry to say but what I have seen from Symantec regarding support here is exceptional.