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mt -f /dev/rmt/**

Created: 27 May 2012 • Updated: 29 May 2012 | 5 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.

I have seen many drive in the output of tpautoconf -report_disc , to veryfiye the path i did folowing and getting following output.

mt -f /dev/rmt/9cbn status
/dev/rmt/9cbn: write protected or reserved.

when i am trying to replace the drive

tpautoconf -replace_drive acs_driveXX -path /dev/rmt/9cbn
Operation failed, could not find device with path /dev/rmt/9cbn

also i see other path which i try to verifiy the status of path im getting below error

/dev/rmt/15cbn: No such file or directory

/dev/rmt/28cbn: no tape loaded or drive offline

/dev/rmt/9cbn: write protected or reserved.

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Something very wrong at OS level with devices?

Forget about NBU for now and fix access between OS and devices.

write protected or reserved means one of the systems accessing this drive is holding SCSI reservation on the drive.
If SSO environment, 'vmdareq' output on master might tell you which media server has RESERVED status on the drive.

To release reservation, try the following:
mt -f <drive_path_name> forcereserve
followed by:
mt -f <drive_path_name> release

No such file or directory means the OS has lost connectivity to device - either physical path problem or lack of persistent binding which results in device names to change when server is rebooted.

To rebuild OS device paths, issue
devfsadm -C -c tape

no tape loaded or drive offline is normal status for empty drive.

For more info on mt drive status, see man pages of mt command (man mt).

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try this:

admincmd/nbrbutil -resetall


Muhanad Daher

Senior Data Center Engineer

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NO - do NOT run this ....

It will kill any backups that are running.

Muhanad, please be careful when postinf commands - this would instantly kill any backups running, but you have posted no warning messages or descriptions of what could hpappen.


Regards,  Martin
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Sure i am carfully, he must run the command when be no jobs running, also his tap drives didn't run yet.

thanx martin for your note.


Muhanad Daher

Senior Data Center Engineer

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No problem - you need to be sure that you always post warning about what commands do.

If you are not sure then fine, just say "here is command xxx, I am not sure of the effect, please check the manual "



Regards,  Martin
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