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MTA : Outbound queue filling up (Unable to read message content

Created: 04 Nov 2007 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 2 comments
I've been seeing a problem with the outbound mail queue on a SMSSMTP 5.0.1 server. Messages are not delivered and instead continually build up in the outbound queue.
Here's an example error from the MTA log:
   Unable to open message content file
   (Reason 32).
(note the double backslash before the message file in this path).
The file does in fact exist at that path without that extraneous backslash (i.e., at D:\Symantec\SMSSMTP\mta\outbound\queue\16\16\f10014e4654440010926a90e9b2264ff ).
Does anyone know how or why the path to the queue file is referenced incorrectly here? and anyway to flush this mail in such a case?
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Tim Nan's picture
Hi Mike,
Actually the double backslash is probably not the issue here.  When you verified the file was in fact in the directory, did you also see a XML file with the same filename?  This XML file would have all the envelope information for the message as well as the destination server information.  If this XML file is not present, then the message can not be delivered.  Also, if this file is missing, please verify you do not have any real-time AV scanning of the SMSSMTP directory and its subdirectories, which would include the MTA queue directories.  This why be the reason why the XML file is missing.
EpicCycle's picture
Hi Tim,
Interestingly, the messages referenced by "Unable to open message content file..." errors in my logs are the only ones with .STM and .XML files in the outbound queue directory. There are lots of message files, only some of them have corresponding .STM and .XML files, and those are the only ones mentioned in the logs by these "Reason 32" errors about not being able to open message content files.
The directory and all these files are readable by all users and the .xml files seem to be well-formed. Also, there's no antivirus running on this server (besides brightmail for the email AV).
At this point, my outbound queue has backed up so much now that the Filter Engine is now complaining about maxing out the tally table:
"IP Freq module: tally table at 100% capacity (10000 entries, max 10000)."