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Mulitple Email Domains, 1 Active Directory Domain Resolution

Created: 12 Jun 2012 | 1 comment

I just wanted to share the resolution I got from Symantec in some detail.  If your like us and you have multiple email domains but only 1 AD domain then this may help you.

1.  Open SD.Email.Monitor in Workflow Designer.

2.  Go to the ProcessMessage model in the left project window.

3.  Add a new "Embedded Rule Model" between the "Convert Email to Lower Case" component and the "Verify local email domain is correct" component.

4.  Copy the "Verify local email domain is correct" component.

5.  Open the new "Embedded Rule Model" component and paste in one "Verify local email domain is correct" component for each email domain you need to add.

5.  Leave the first component you pasted in alone and edit the contains field in each of the following component to reflect each additional email domain.

6. You'll need 2 "End" components.  Label 1 "Correct" and the other as "Incorrect"

7.  Connect the "contains" output of each component to the "Correct" end component.

8.  Connect the "does not contain" output of each of the "verify local email domain is correct" component to the the next componet to form a daisy chain.  The last component in the chain will connect to the "Incorrect" end component.

9.  Exit the component and connect the "Correct" output to the original "Verify local email domain is correct".  Connect the "Incorrect" output to the "Create Log Entry" component that's on the output of the original component.

10.  Now disable the orignal "Verify local email domain is correct componet.  Set its default Execution output to "contains". 

I hope this helps.

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Very useful, thank you for sharing.