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Multiple backup servers 2010 R3

Created: 22 Oct 2012 | 7 comments


I have recently joined a new company and have been given an issue to look at!!

We have multple sites with servers at each site and each site has a Backup Exec 2010 R3 installation.  Most of these sites are working fine except for two.

On investigation and after talking to my new co-workers i have found that someone tried to setup a central management server and used these two sites as a test.  This did not work as they wanted so it was supposed to have been regressed but I find that these two sites are still not working correctly.

Each of the sites can 'see' each other in Backup Exec and this is casuing some issues with media sets and devices.  I thought I had managed to solve the problem by de-registering them from the central server but they still list the media from each other and the devices.

Can anyone tell me how I seperate these two server from each other so that they act as standalone servers again?

Many thanks.


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From the UI, choose Tools - Install Options & License keys on this media server , uncheck the CASO, MMS options & complete the wizard..

Else, you can also use BEUtility to convert these servers into stand-alone ones...

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Hi and thankyou for your quick reply.

I have checked the options as you suggest and the MMS option is not checked on either of the servers.

I cannot find a CASO option to uncheck.

I have tried to remove the device that is installed on the 'other' server from one of these two but it deletes it for both servers and not just the one.  Each server has local tape drives.

I have also tried to change the media sets as both can be seen on each server but this also seems to delete the media set from both servers.

I am unsure what the BEUtility is.  Would this help in this situation?

Many thanks,


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Which server was being used for the CASO server? 


Hope this helps

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If you look in ..\backup exec\logs\adamm.log on all affected servers

and start reading from bottom of the log back up looking for the latest line in the log to contain the text

Adamm Log Started

Then a few lines below this should be a line that states Database Connection string.

In this string are all the affected servers using the same database.

Also in the Install Options & License keys on this media server is anything to do with SSO also enabled/active?

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Lmossia - many thnaks for the link.  I have looked at the server that was the CASO and the two servers that are having problems are not listed.  In fact there are no media pools or servers listed anymore.

Colin - Thanks for the advice.  You are on to somthing I think.  The database line in the log file on both servers is pointing to what was the CASO server.  Obviously when they were removed form the CASO something did not happen properly.

There are no SSO options active.  Options ticked are Tape Device Drivers, Online Documentation, Enable Robotic Library Support, Advanced Open File Option, Intelligent Disaster Recovery and Virtual Tape Library Support.

So it seems I need to change the database to be a local one.

Any idea how I do this??

Many thanks,


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Best to contact support...there are few registry entries which require to be changed.

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Ah.  Right.  Thanks VJware.

I will get a call raised with support.

Many thanks all for your help.