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Multiple Cab Files...

Created: 16 Mar 2010 • Updated: 22 May 2010 | 8 comments
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Hello everyone...

First of all, great to be joining this forum...Second, great to know that Mr. EdT of the fame is here to hold your hand...Good to know that...

Well, here's my query...

You begin work on a project...You are given an application to package...You extract the EXE and it spews out an MSI and an MST (This particular application had an MST along with it). You take the MST and embed the files you have been given to embed in them. You package it, save it, and you have your package with a nice little CAB file to go along with your MSI and MST...

But, after you have packaged your product, someone comes around and tells you, there are a couple of more files that go in there. Now, you dive back into the MST, embed the newer files and hit save or compile, you suddenly see two CAB files. Now, I have tried turning my project into a WSI project, but it still saves the later files in a separate CAB file...Not the one that was created before...And also tried some long winded methods.

Were the designers of Wise really that shortsighted that they couldn't foresee such a major handicap to allow keeping one CAB file in a project? It is after all a minor thing to implement... Converting my project to a WSI as noted before, (Which gives you the CAB options) has no effect on the outcome, as stated before. And to work from scratch (as suggested by Mr. EdT) is also a long winded method. Do we see Altiris (or Symantec) addressing this thing in the future?

My itch is that I wish to have just one CAB file, regarless of how many times I embed files after saving. Is there a way of doing that that does not involve going out of Wise and implementing other utilities? I was mentioned working with MAKECAB and CABARC utlities, but I find them to be too long winded a method to implement.

Your knowledgeable insight into my query would be most humbly appreciated and graciously absorbed...

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Are you adding new files or replacing old files when you update your transform?
Do you have "Quick Compile" still turned on ?  (That's the default but I recommend turning it off).

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Ed, nice to finally interact with you...

I am adding new files. And just for the record, what would WPS' reaction be if I replaced old files?

As for 'Quick Compile', the result is the same, regardless of whether it's checked or not...

VBScab's picture, one day, it *will* bite you. BTDT...

Don't know why 'x' happened? Want to know why 'y' happened? Use ProcMon and it will tell you.
Think about using before posting.

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Try deleting your existing transform and cab file before recompiling, with quick compile turned off.

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It worked!

I had tried it before but had the 'Quick Compile' option checked...Then, when I deleted the CAB file (The MST cannot be deleted as WPS is open at the time and using the MST) it would create a CAB file, but minus the contents of the first CAB file.

With the 'Quick Compile' unchecked, all my new files were in the new CAB file alongwith the old ones that I had deleted in the old CAB file.


P.S. Is it best practice to keep 'Quick Compile' unchecked in all circumstances?

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Over the past years and across all releases of Windows Installer Editors, it has been found more reliable to uncheck quick compile.
Leaving it checked can result in problems with the compiled result especially where multiple edits, adding and removing content, have taken place. In your situation, it is clearly "quicker" to create a new cab file for new content, than to recompile the whole CAB including old content.
Quick compile may be useful when you have a massive application with thousands of files, but even then, my suggestion would be to opt for uncompressed external files during testing (which avoids the lengthy file compression in CABS stage), and then go for a final compilation with compressed internal CABS when the main testing is complete.

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Will keep that in mind...Thank you Ed...