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Multiple copies of same Media after 2010 - 2012 upgrade

Created: 25 Jan 2013 | 3 comments

Hi all,

So after upgrading from BE 2010 -2012 I have ended up with multiple copies of some of my tapes.

For example, I have a tape named TWS053L4.  If I look at 'All media' I can see it 3 entries for it.  They were in different Media Sets but I have put them all in the media set I want them to be.

One of the entries shows the location as my Robotic Library, so I believe this is the 'correct' one, but hjow can I safely get rid of the duplicate entries?

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You can try moving it to the "Retired" media set and then deleting it.  I haven't seen this situation, so I cannot declare it to be risk free.  But the worst case scenario would require an inventory and cataalog to recover your restore selections.

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 I would agree with Lary in that you can associate the tapes with retired media and delete them, then inventory and catalog. I would do this with all of the duplicated tapes and then inventory and catalog the library. 

I hope this posting was helpful


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Thanks for getting back to me guys.

I have noticed that my number of duplicated tapes has decreased alot over the weekend.  I wonder if BE2012 is sorting itself out once it uses the tapes again.

I still have a couple of duplicates, but they become overwritable over the next few days so I am hoping they will sort itself out.

I will keep an eye on things!