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Multiple edits in ticket causing errors

Created: 27 Aug 2012 | 1 comment
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Our level 1 support has encountered an issue that is extremely annoying. Although we have a workaround I was hoping someone else had seen this and found an actual fix.

When a ticket comes into the first level support queue it often has to be edited in multiple places before being closed/reassigned. For example the classification has to be updated, new contact, ticket details - basically all of the links under actions are touched for most of these tickets.

What is happening is that after exiting the popup where a modification is made (for example the work incident window) the ticket automatically refreshes but doesn’t do a complete refresh - some of the information like "process assignments" is not displayed. If you then click on another link while it is in this state the ticket throws an error. What our techs have to do is manually hit refresh after every change.

And hey isn’t that fun, change classification, hit refresh, change contact, hit refresh, change incident details, hit refresh, add equipment, hit refresh .... can’t imagine why the techs are constantly complaining. <rolls eyes>

Has anyone else encountered this? Found a fix?

Thanks for your help!

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From the description, it is probably not about doing a complete refresh but refreshing to quickly - before the changes are properly/completely processed and data updated/saved.

This is especially true for Process Assignments - in most cases, changing the assignment will create a new task which does come with a bunch of activity in the backend.

I am not sure if there is an easy way to fix this. Performance does have some effect on this but making ServiceDesk faster may also lower the time it takes to refresh, ending up in the same place.

Depending on the amount of customizations already in there (and how comfortable you are with workflow), you might want to try and move the activities used the most into one smart task to minimize the need to use several of them.

Sorry, I do not have a way to fix it, these are just my thoughts.