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Multiple Endpoint Servers on Unattended Install?

Created: 21 Dec 2012 | 6 comments

So, we're trying to do unattendend installs of the DLP Agent on various computers and depending on the computer's location we want a different primary endpoint server. I'm just trying to figure out how to do this, not whether it is or isn't a good idea as that is way above my pay grade. The script we're trying to use contains this portion of code:

msiexec /i AgentInstall64v2.msi
INSTALLDIR="%SYSTEMDRIVE%\Program Files\Manufacturer\Endpoint Agent\"
Now, as far as I can tell, this is the correct syntax and everything, but it doesn't seem to take properly. Here's what it does when I click through. Also, yes I realize I need to add the quiet switches to make it unattended.
I really appreciate any help on this because I'm pretty much at a loss at this point.
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Ahh...See I did, but I didn't want to hijack it. I guess I didn't read it quite properly. I'll go ahead and post there.

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seems to be right, has the install been done? specify port number with columnn unless default port is other than 8000


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i saw the image, keep the 1 enpoint server in 1 text field the other has to be in next text field.

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I realize that. The point is I'm trying to do an unattended install. I don't want to have to manually change the second endpoint server to the next text field. There should be a way to have it automatically filled in, but the proper syntax according to everything I've found isn't working properly.

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I think you can refer to my article for your solution:

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