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Multiple Forders in BEData Folder

Created: 05 Jun 2013 • Updated: 05 Jun 2013 | 5 comments
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Hello everyone.

I'm just walking into Symantec as this is a new position for me and its kinda everywhere and out of control and I was hoping I could get a better handle on it.

Is it possible within the BEData folder to create a fodler for each server,

For example






just trying to find an easier to way clean items up.

Much appreciated.

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This would be possible if you have a different volume for each folder. You would not be able to have multiple B2D storage locations on the same volume.

I hope this posting was helpful


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Thanks for the quick response Donald.

Is there anyway to differentiate which files are from which backups then?

Unless I'm wrong it looks like Symantec is ignoring the retention policy as it it suppose to be full backsups for 1 week and incremental for 2 weeks however I have tons of files back as far as when we went live in Febuary and its equalling 4TB and almost maxing out our 5TB drive.

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Hmm... DLM should be reclaiming the space as the retention periods expire. Note that DLM will not remove sets that have dependencies or sets that are the last for a resource ... Please review the following document on how DLM works.. V


I hope this posting was helpful


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Thanks again Donald that was a helpfull post.

One last question if you wouldnt mind.

So I'm looking at the backups sets in my storage device, should I be seeing sets that have expired, is it just "letting me know" that they were there or should they be clearing after they expire?

I would assume if they shoudl be deleted I would be safe to go through and manually delete them, or is there anyway to enforce retention?

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Hey Donald.

I've got it under control now from what I can gather there was previous backups that the old data wasnt being purged,(were no longer scheduled events) and then the more current sets were purging acurately,

I'm just going through and deleted about 2T of old data and then everything else should run smoothly.

Thanks again for your help