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multiple GUP scenario, SEPM update

Created: 16 Nov 2012 • Updated: 16 Nov 2012 | 7 comments
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Hello community,

while testing a 12.1 RU1 multiple GUP scenario I noticed that clients without a GUP provided in their subnet are waiting the time defined in the "Maximum time that clients try to download updates from a Group Update Provider before trying the default management server" and then use the SEPM for updates. Seems like if you enable multiple GUP functionality, clients they always wait if for some reason they can't use a GUP.

I thought the "maximum time" is about the client trying to connect to a non-responding GUP but not when there is no GUP provided in the subnet. When there is [EDIT] no [/EDIT] GUP in the subnet the client should use the SEPM immediately.

Question: Is the behaviour intended?

Sylink-log says "[Content] <LuThreadProc---->GUP is in startup wait. Exiting." while waiting.

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If you set the max time to say 4 hours, the client will try within that time frame to get updates from the GUP. If it can't after 4 hours, it will get updates from the SEPM. If this is what you're asking than yes this should be intended.

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Which GUP do you mean by "the GUP"? There is no GUP on the subnet.

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So with this, the client tries to connect to a GUP (even though it's not on the same subnet) and only after the time specified is up, it goes to the SEPM??

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No it does not try to connect. Just waits.
Here the Sylink log snippet from client.

11/13 16:07:03.536 [4248] <CheckHeartbeatTimer>====== Heartbeat loop stops at 16:07:03 ======
11/13 16:07:13.102 [3828] SyLinkCreateConfig => Created instance: 00000000043722A0
11/13 16:07:13.102 [3828] Importing ConfigObject: 0000000002664010 into: 00000000043722A0
11/13 16:07:13.103 [3828] <UpdateGUPList>Setting the session timeout on GlobalItemsSession to 2 min.
11/13 16:07:13.103 [3828] ************CSN=108
11/13 16:07:13.103 [3828] <MakeGetGlobalIndexUrl:>Request is: action=310&hostid=797F0F0C5089142200E823AC3555F0B8&chk=9EB014FFFFD006086D40C890D4B03BB0&ck=EA64E701F7FBA68E586B20DC307CFD10&uchk=7C11E8612EEAD283728BB7A4A7AF3FDD&uck=A2084C4F7FAA52D4956EC4638032E985&groupid=1DCC30340A0A01C300B92A0E24E7BA58&ClientProductVersion=12.1.1101.401&as=108&cn=[hex]5450444957424E3031434435303032&lun=[hex]5A4B412D4B4C5547454A4F41&udn=[hex]54504F4C495A45492D42572E4445
11/13 16:07:13.104 [3828] <GetGlobalIndex:>http://******:8014/secars/secars.dll?h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
11/13 16:07:13.104 [3828] 16:7:13=>Send HTTP REQUEST
11/13 16:07:13.125 [3828] 16:7:13=>HTTP REQUEST sent
11/13 16:07:13.125 [3828] <GetGlobalIndex:>SMS return=200
11/13 16:07:13.125 [3828] <ParseHTTPStatusCode:>200=>200 OK
11/13 16:07:13.126 [3828] <FindHeader>Sem-Signatue:=>489E8D971D536AE8F8DB918806C4E636759B3C290A032CAC217ABF822F1E7C92FF270D3D01C47221EDD664F26939A55FEF2E9EF4C3BBA541F3C9E18C6A4CA8DC181FD2B00244E6CB7A5BD6EDE609164E11D351DF6719929D78D6C26BD9B2361740FCB8D29240AF7FD3C4D0D3691901048B60A15AE5EF9C4F8A4120CBC2834327
11/13 16:07:13.126 [3828] <DoGetGlobalIndex200>Content Lenght => 180
11/13 16:07:13.126 [3828] <DoGetGlobalIndex200>Got Global Index from server, read bytes=180
11/13 16:07:13.128 [3828] SignIf::VerifySignature(data, dataLen, sig, sigLen) => Verification Successful..
11/13 16:07:13.128 [3828] <ParseGlobalIndexFile>the current GlobalList's checksum is 5D246F66449A9FC0CF77674C6BC02F77
11/13 16:07:13.128 [3828] <ParseGlobalIndexFile>the last GlobalList's checksum is 5D246F66449A9FC0CF77674C6BC02F77
11/13 16:07:13.129 [3828] <DoGetGlobalIndex200>completed
11/13 16:07:13.129 [3828] <GetGlobalIndex:>RECEIVE STAGE COMPLETED
11/13 16:07:13.129 [3828] <GetGlobalIndex:>COMPLETED
11/13 16:07:13.130 [3828] <UpdateGUPList>the return value of GetGlobalIndex is 121
11/13 16:07:13.130 [3828] SyLinkDeleteConfig => Deleting instance: 00000000043722A0
11/13 16:07:13.131 [3828] [Content]<CSyLink::IsContentSpaceAvailable>Sufficient disk space available on C:\ to download content {07B590B3-9282-482f-BBAA-6D515D385869} 121112021
11/13 16:07:13.131 [3828] [Content]<LUThreadProc---->GUP is in startup wait. Exiting.
11/13 16:07:13.132 [3828] SyLinkDeleteConfig => Deleting instance: 000000000436C680
11/13 16:07:32.357 [2208] <CSyLink::mfn_DownloadNow()>
11/13 16:07:32.357 [2208] </CSyLink::mfn_DownloadNow()>
11/13 16:07:36.537 [4248] <CheckHeartbeatTimer>====== Heartbeat loop starts at 16:07:36 ======

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it is not expected that you assign a LU policy to use the GUP and the GUP is missing for a subnet.

In reality, the clients do not get the list of GUPs you typed in the policy but a dynamic list with the effective GUPs only, hence there's no difference if a GUP is in the list but off or not in the list.

In the SEPM console, create a dedicated group for that subnet and set for it a LU policy to use the SEPM only, this the right way to use the product.



Joachim K.'s picture

Thanks for clarification :)
Different groups is not an option, but I can activate a GUP in almost every subnet since i got a small server in every one.