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Multiple random 2106 errors encountered

Created: 26 Sep 2013 • Updated: 23 Oct 2013 | 2 comments
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Windows 2008r2 Master and Media servers

Netbackup 7504


I am having an issue where I go a couple days with no 2106 (disk strorage server is down or unavailable) errors, and then I'll have three full pages of them, with some 83's mixed in. No DataDomain errors when this occurs. The only corresponding events I see are on one of my media servers a few minutes before the failures occured -

***Application Log error from media server -

  Source: VSS

  Event ID: 12293

  Error: Volume Shadow Copy Service error: Error calling a routine on a Shadow Copy Provider {b5946137-7b9f-4925-af80-51abd60b20d5}. Routine    details EndPrepareSnapshots({7ee56c73-9133-472f-ac26-440f750f9957}) [hr = 0x80070015, The device is not ready.

***Event log error from media server -

    Sourrce: Virtual Disk Service     Event ID: 1

   Error: Unexpected failure. Error code: 2@02000018

I suspect these are the result of the issue rather than the cause, if they are even related.

I DID make a change that may have resulted in suddenly starting to see all of these 2106 errors, but it was a necessary change. I had to increase the frequency of our SQL transaction log backups which added more jobs to the queue and made the environment busier. Once I did this, I started seeing the 2106 errors, where I had not before.  

I spoke with Symantec about this, and added a touch file called DPS_PROXYDEFAULTRECVTMO and set the value to 1600. The very next day's failure report was huge with all sorts of errors, that I cant even recall. I dont know if that caused those mass failures or how it could have, but it was too coicidental, so I immediately reversed the change. We do have a quite busy environment with approx 1300 clients, plus several fileshares with over 15 millions files each, and many Oracle and SQL databases. Could upping the sql transaction log frequency have just pushed us over the edge of our current backup capabilities?

Thanks all.


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Mark_Solutions's picture

That is the right file but the wrong value!

Try changing it to 800 and add it to the Master and all media servers -  re-start the services for it to take effect.

If there are any other DPS_PROXYxxxx files in the directory (netbackup\db\config\ )then move them somewhere else.

Try this and see how it goes

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Did that, and it seems to have helped quite a bit after restarting services. Thanks Mark.