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Multiple Response in DialogWorkflowComponent

Created: 04 Jun 2013 • Updated: 09 Jun 2013 | 3 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.


As per my undestanding, DialogWorkflowComponent generates a ResponsePageURL. Then we use this ResponsePageURL in an email which is sent to a user and if it is clicked, it moves further to the workflow in Interaction Setup tab and proceeds accordingly.

Also, in Interaction Setup tab we can set it up to accept multiple responses.

However, how do I setup the Start Process workflow to send multiple responses?
For eg. 2 links should be sent to the user in an email using Send Email component in Start Process. Each link will have a specific response name (Yes / No). Now once user clicks on either links, it should go to their respective pages.

Request to please guide / advise.


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I have made a workflow with 2 possible responses: Approve and reject.

In the dialog workflow under interaction setup I added the following config:

  • change the default respond to Approve
  • in the dialog model connected the start to end component
  • checked Allow Multiple Responses
  • Add a dialog model named Reject and edited that dialog model
  • In the following window, under Dialog model connected Start to end component

I have made a couple of printscreens in the attached file so you can see the dialogmodel configs

I hope this answers your question



multresponse.docx 66.68 KB
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Take note of how the Multiple Response Dialog Models are named in the example below:


Then in your Send Email component, look for the variables on the left side in the format of "Response<Mutliple Response Dialog Model Name>PageLink" and "Response<Multiple Response Dialog Model Name>PageURL". The two other variables ResponsePageLink and ResponsePage URL are to be used to link back to the main Dialog Model ("Reschedule Change Control" in the example image above).

You'll see examples of what I'm talking about in the image below. In that image, I'm formatting a Comment in an Altiris Helpdesk ticket to have create links using the URL variables. In a SendEmail component, you would drag and drop the "Response<Mutliple Response Dialog Model Name>PageLink" into the email body to create links back to the appropriate Multiple Response Dialog Model.


Hope that helps!

- Bruce

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Thanks for the responses Guys.. Both of the messages helped me one in setting up other in using it in Email :).

I also referred a Symconnect post that guided me as well... Pasting it below for any future reference.

Thanks again.