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Multiple restores on one Solaris media server

Created: 11 Jan 2013 | 4 comments

I am trying to do two restores at once on a Solaris media server. One job runs fast and one job runs very slow. The problem is, when the fast job completes, the slow job remains slow. The slow job now has plenty of SAN bandwidth but never increases speed. Is there some quirk about launching multiple backup jobs simultaneously on Solaris. Also, the jobs are not multiplexed and did not share tapes.


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RamNagalla's picture

Speed of the restore jobs, depends on lot of factors, thas is not only on SAN bandwidth

what are the difference between the first and second restores?

same client?

same destinations?

same files?

same day backup?

same source?(tape or disk)

Daniel Jastredowski's picture

Same client

Same destination

Different filesystems

Same day backup

Different tapes and tape devices per stream.

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the speed that is showing in the activity moniter is not actually a write speed, its actaully a read speed.

as the tapes are able to read the data only in sequencial manner, there might be time taking to read because of other data blocks, and also it depends on number of files 

small size and multiple files will take more time than the large size and small number of files..

as you are saying same destination, it depends on how destination is taking also..

like Network, CPU , RAM utilizations.

Speed has the lot of dependinces in general.

you may need to check  to make sure  its just realated to only that particullar job behaiver,

just trigger only the job, that you are seeing as slow one, and dont trigger any other restore and see the difference.