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Multiples Backup Exec servers

Created: 03 May 2014 | 1 comment
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Buenos dias,

Queria consultar lo siguiente.

Tengo para instalar 2 Backup Exec 2012, con varias licencias compeltos para 2 sitios.

Queria saber si puedo instalar 2 servidores iguales por mas que esten compartiendo el mismo segmento de RED.


Servidor 1: hostname: Server1-BKP

Servidor 2: hostname: Server2-BKP

O deben estar en redes diferentes?

Otra consulta:

Puedo replicar el catalogo de uno a otro? para poder usar alguno de los 2 en caso de desastre?



Operating Systems:

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It doesn't matter really...if you have different IP subnets on both sites, then those work. At the same time, if you have the same subnet they will also work.

As long as you don't try giving the same name (1 won't be able to join your network!) or IP address (which will obviously cause a clash), then you're fine. Those names and addresses will work.

Furthermore, you can replicate Catalog and Data information from 1 server to another. It is called CAS (Centralised Admin Option) and this is part of the Enterprise Server Option license.

Read the TNs below for more information: (About CAS) (BE 2012 Best practices for CAS) (Installing CAS) (Different modes for Catalogs)

All of these are relevant and give you a great understanding of how CAS works.


Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support: