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My Backup Exec Meta Data Index-Catalog is huge (280GB!) - is that normal?

Created: 28 Jul 2014 | 3 comments

Hello folks!

We are running Backup Exec 2012, with a weekly backup of our primary server that has Exchange 2010.

The server has a 1TB drive, and a quick overview of the local partitions shows we are using 415GB.

Question 1 (primary):

The Backup-Full process just completed successfully and the backup set is taking up 407GB.

Immediately following that backup, Backup Exec seems to run a Backup-Full-Meta Data Index-Catalog 000##.

The web tells me this is an index of all the files stored in the aforementioned Backup-Full. That sounds perfectly reasonable.

Less reasonable, perhaps, is that this process (which also completed successfully) seems to be using up an additonal 280GB.

This is posing a problem as we only have a 1TB backup disk, and the bi-weekly differential (weighing in at 100GB, with another 100GB catalog) coupled with a small backup of our Sharepoint database (on a separate vm) is getting us very close to our cap.

Can someone please tell me if the 280GB is normal?

Question 2 (secondary):
The fellow that configured our application also set up two additional backups. One is a full backup of a different VM (the aformentioned Sharepoint databases reside ont hat VM), and another is a backup process for "Server Farm 1". Is this a normal thing that someone can explain to me? I'm relatively new to Backup Exec terminology, so I have a hard time differentiating between Symantec's structural processes and our IT team's configuration decisions. The configuration lists the following backup sets: "ConfigurationV4-DB (Server\Sharepoint\Sharepoint_ConfigurationDatabase)", "Microsoft Sharepoint Foundation Web Application", "Services", "Shared Services", "Sharepoint Foundation Search", and "WSS_Administration". I don't really understand why all these items need to be backed up separate from the full backup of our primary server, so any insight you can offer would be much appreciated.

Thanks everyone!


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It looks like this issue is under investigation

 I recommend that you subscribe to this post for updates and fixes.  Do you have all of the Live Updates installed and pushed out to your remote servers?

Are the Sharepoint components on different servers?  I recommend upgrading to Backup Exec 2014

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It depends as to how the first backup of the VM is configured. Is it configured using the Remote Agent or is it configured using the Agent for Vmware & Hyper-V ?

If it is configured using the Remote Agent, it means you are backing up the VM as a physical machine and then the second backup (Server Farm backup) is not needed.

If it is configured using the Agent for Vmware and Hyper-V and if this backup is enabled with App-GRT for Sharepoint, then you do not need the second backup either. However, if the first backup is not enabled for App-GRT of Sharepoint OR if App-GRT is not applicable, then it makes sense to have the second backup.

And coming back to your first query, does it show as 280GB on the UI or does 280GB actually utilizes that amount of physical disk space ?

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If the SharePoint farm i is spread over more than 1 VM's, then you can only back it up using the SharePoint agent. Backing up the individual VM's will not work