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"My Open Tickets" report shows tickets not assigned to me

Created: 08 Jun 2012 | 5 comments


I have a question regarding the "My Open Tickets" report that's used on the "Tickets" tab. My understanding is that this report should show any tickets that you are currently assigned to you via a group, directly to you, or tickets that you're the contact on. Is this correct? I've noticed that when a ticket is reassigned to another group I still see this ticket in the "My Open tickets" tab. I'm guessing that's because I technically still have view rights to it via permissions?

Our workers really like the information presented in this report but hate that they see extra tickets. So right now I have everyone working from the "My Task List" report as it only shows tickets assigned to you. The information available in this view is limited however.

I did see the report defaults to tickets assigned to me via group, permission, and org. I thought removing all but group would do the trick but still nothing.


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I have the same problem with the "My Open Tickets" report. I noticed that a ticket where I am the contact also shows up in that list. Also, tickets where I have been the contact in the past may also be here, though I don't see where I am the contact on the ticket any longer.

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If you open the "My Open Tickets" report and click on the little blue square next to "Assigned to Me" in the left-hand column you will see that there are 3 options inside there that might be causing your issue. All 3 are checked by default including assigned to me by group, organization or permission. You can try unchecking the box next to permission and see if that yields better results. For me as an admin and service manager I see nearly every ticket in the system so I certainly can not use that report at all.

As a side note, we have used and modified better reports to be used for views into each user's queue so you can always try adding or taking away details that might be desired or not needed to suit your needs a little better.

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     I tried changing the options that you mentioned in the report, "Include tasks assigned to me via Group" "Include tasks assigned to me via Organization" and "Include tasks assigned to me via Permission". It didn't remove the tickets that I shouldn't have been seeing. It is a strange problem with that report. It almost like once you are a contact on a ticket it doesn't completly remove you.

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It has been my understanding that tickets are not assigned to people. Only tasks, so in the "My Task List" you can see what tasks are assigned to you. The title "My Open Tickets" is imho opinion not right, it should just say "Tickets" as also closed and resolved tickets are displayed.

Am I wrong in this assumption? This is what I keep telling my collegues...

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A few days back, I had a ticket that was showing up in this report, that was not assigned to me anymore. Once I removed my permissions to the ticket, it no longer showed up in the report. I made sure that under the option "Assigned to me", no boxes were checked, before doing so. Today, I assigned a ticket to myself and used checked option "Delete existing assignments as well". The ticket did not show up. Only when I added myself into the permissions, did the ticket show up in my queue. I cannot tell from the SQL, however, it seems like it is still grabbing tickets via permissions somehow rather than actual assignments. The odd thing is that it shows many more tickets when I select the "Assigned to me", "Include tasks assigned to me via Permission".