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My PST migration Wish List

Created: 22 Jan 2014 • Updated: 23 Jan 2014 | 5 comments
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Exchange 2010
Outlook 2007 | 2010 | 2013 with EV Outlook Addin
Roughly 15,000 PSTs - 10TB

I know there are various methods of migrating PSTs that we can utilize with EV. Our primary hurdle is that the majority of our PSTs are on network home directories, on DFS shares. I've read ad nauseum why EV can't / won't migrate these PSTs, although this forum write-up offers some optimism.

(It's kind of the story of my EV life. Our home directories were first on NetWare which we all know won't work - ever. So after a successful homedir migration to Windows/NTFS/DFS, I learn that EV doesn't like DFS either. Sigh - I digress...)

We started our migration using EVPM only. Although it works as advertised, there is simply too much required user intervention for it to succeed.

I realize that a successful PST migration initiative will probably utilize a combination of client-side, server-side, EVPM and the wizard. May I ask for suggestions on how to accomplish these needs?

  • First priority is to migrate PSTs located on home directories on DFS shares.
  • As little user intervention as possible.
  • We are moving content - not shortcutting. I need all PSTs migrated to fall into the user's Vault, under \PST Migrations.
  • We do have multi-user machines, so the client-side migration behavior of searching the entire local disk, and migrating those PSTs to the Vault of the user presently logged on, cannot happen!

Any advice would be enormously appreciated.

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JesusWept3's picture

Your best bet is to talk to your sales rep and ask if they can have someone talk to you about the improvements in EV11 regarding PST migration improvements, you may also want to see what PST Flightdeck from Quadrotech could offer you

You should contact Tony Sterling from the forums regarding PST Flightdeck

Rob.Wilcox's picture

@NaturesRevenge, you've had a bit of a rock and roll journey to try to get your PSTs migrated, and I really feel for you and the hoops you've jumped through so far.

PST FlightDeck has two wickedly good features that stand out and match your list of requirements:

Migration is done via the user context, therefore DFS is *no problem* at all. If the user can access it, then the PST FlightDeck Migration Agent on the workstation can access it too, and pass it on to the PST FlightDeck server for many different pre-flight checks (to make sure that the data that will be ingested is top quality) before passing it onto EV for ingestion.

Secondly the migration can operate in what we term 'silent' mode. The migration agent will report PST files that are found belonging to a user, so you, as an administrator, can see the full extent of your PST real estate.  When you're ready, you can enable migration, and with prior administration in the PST FlightDeck Console (in one place!) that migration can be silent with no user intervention or knowledge.

There are many more features - Did I mention the uploads of the PST from the client are bandwidth aware? PST FlightDeck uses Microsoft BITS technology taking away the further pain of user impact during the migration of PST files.

Take a look, and get in touch, as JW3 mentioned - we'd be happy to help you.

NaturesRevenge's picture

Thanks for these comments. I've reached out to Quadrotech to see preliminary pricing estimates.

In the mean time, this is a huge hangup I can't seem to overcome:

If our action is to MOVE content from PSTs to the Vault (not shortcutting), where is it we specify what folder structure in the Vault we place this content?

Thanks again.

JesusWept3's picture

Go to the PST Migration Policy , go to "Shortcut Creation"
Check "Yes, Create Shortcuts in the associated mailboxes"
Select "this folder under the root folder"
Put in the folder name you want to use, in your case "PST Migrations"
Press Apply, then select "No" so that everythings greyed out, yet the "Folder name" is still populated

Now it will migrate items in to this folder
and yeah, it seems counter intuitive but it does work

NaturesRevenge's picture

@JesusWept3 - yup, exactly like you described. THANK YOU!