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MySymantec Customer Support Manage Case Link Down?

Created: 04 Oct 2012 • Updated: 11 Oct 2012 | 4 comments
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After logging into MySymantec, can anyone get to the "Manage Case" link under the Customer Support section without always being prompted by that customer support portal registration form?  I previously filled out the form via the "Create Case" link to open up a non-technical support case for a licensing issue.  Unless it's just me, it'd be really weird if we have to fill out this form every time we need to create/manage a case.

Note that I get the same results using PCs with and without going through our proxy server, OSes ranging from WinXP, Win7 and Win7 x64, and IE versions from 7 to 9.  Either something's wrong with our ISP or Symantec's Customer Support website is a bit messed up right now.  I can get to my Technical Support cases just fine so hoping the problem is on Symantec's end.

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FYI: According to one of my local Symantec contacts, I was supposed to get an e-mail with a Security Validation Key after filling out the registration form but I've never received such a message for my numerous attempts.  This explains why the system keeps prompting me for info.  I'll have to talk to tech support to resolve this issue.


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Hi ,

I would recommend you to go on : and opt "Get licensing or account help by phone" option,

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I've already called the number listed here in addition to a tech support and customer support number but they keep bouncing me back and forth between the two groups.  Customer Support says it's a technical problem and Tech Support says because I'm not having a technical problem with one of their products to call customer support.  They don't seem to know who to contact if I'm having a MySymantec website issue.

Anyway, I called Customer Care again today where the person I spoke to said he'd forward my case to another group although couldn't tell me exactly who would handle the case.  He just gave me a precanned response to expect a response in 24-48 hour but think they told me the same thing last week when I first called.  Now I'll have to wait till Friday and hope that they understand the issue I'm having.  Thank goodness I don't have a problem creating/managing tech support cases.


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My local Symantec SE ended up talking to someone internally who reset my SymAccount after which I could FINALLY get into Customer Support case management!  It's unfortunate frontline support wasn't able to do this so I could've avoided all of the phone calls I made trying to get people to understand the problem I was having.