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NAS vs VHD, Skip Pass Through Disks

Created: 19 Nov 2012 | 6 comments


I have Seagate NAS storage device which is very slow and backup jobs taking a long time. Will the backup performance increase if i create a VHD from NAS to BE Server (Win 2008 R2) and then take the backup?

Secondly, is it possible to skip pass through disks while backing up Hyper-V virtual machines?


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Hyper-V backups of Virtual Machines with pass through disks will show the error message "One or more virtual machines have been excluded from the backup as the the virtual machine uses one or more physical disks."

Please check link below

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If your storage device is slow, creating a VHD will not help.

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Have you checked the settings on the NAS NIC ports and the switch ports that they connect to in order to ensure they are set correctly? In other words, to the fastest speed of the NAS (ie. 1000MB FULL).

Any hardware failures on the NAS? And what happens if you use the built-in Windows utility to backup to the NAS? Are the speeds faster?

If you're backing up to the NAS, can you confirm that any AV isn't scanning the BE services? If so, put through exclusions and try again.


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Yes the NIC is only 100Mbps and not 1Gb. What exclusions i should add in my AV?


CraigV's picture 100MB (if it can't go any faster) you can't do much. For the exclusions, check services.msc and check what *.exe is used for the BE services. Put these in as exclusions.


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